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  • razz3861 razz3861 May 20, 2008 10:59 PM Flag


    I recevied a letter today from the pickle management . I found that to be very interesting because i was thinking of getting out and putting it in visa . But that letter being sent has caused me to think they really do care about shareholders . I have never received a hand signed letter from the management of any company to which i own any stock .That letter will go far i think . I believe they really do care. Just my opinion.

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    • look up the's past picks through the years. They have them saved on the website. Notice a pattern?

      Stay away from everything that pumper larry and his company promote. They are no good. They tricked me as a new investor, but never again.

    • People who don't care about stockholders would not send out a letter period.

      The company has a great product, and a wonderful menu. In my opinion it is the marketing companies that are bringing the stock price down. Example: Stockwire produced a nice stockumentary for Spicy Pickle. Since Spicy Pickle, at that time, was an emerging company with not too much money to spare they hired Stockwire and gave them thousands of shares of Spicy Pickle as payment.

      Had Stockwire, and others in this category not sold their shares, then the price would be higher.

      I understand that Spicy Pickle is an investment for these backers, and obviously when the price of the share is up, then they sell to get the money they've invested.

      The only problem I have with these start-up companies is when the insiders sell.

      In my opinion Spicy Pickle will do very well in the future, once all these backers have taken their share.


    • Why don't you ask Starbucks for a good coffee cake recipe while you're at it? I have a sneaky suspicious that Starbucks branded coffee will be one of the "necessary" ingredients.

      ROFLMAO! Oh, man, you guys crack me up.

    • Gee...I got my letter almost 2 weeks ago, they must like me better than you!?!..OR they are simply trying to get direct to investors so they can stop paying quite so much for pumpers (er..I mean.."investor relations and promotions specialists")..OR ..its just marketing, they need exposure to get more franchisees and a stock that moves down does not help them appear to be an exciting and expanding enterprise...JIMHO
      keep your eye on the prize...GLTY

    • Sir,
      excuse me for being so blunt, i am really normally a nicer guy. But given your post I sincerely wonder if you should be an investor in common stocks, my advice is to switch to mutuals or ETF's, they are taking you for a ride brother, look at the fundamentals not some fluffy letter. On a more philosophyical point I think that Ophrah as an individual has done more to screw up this country than we know, this idea of going with our feelings vs the facts has got to be one of the worst sell jobs in history in everything from stock investing to social relationships or presidential elections. The old backpacker.

    • Too funny. That's some serious desperation. I have owned Apple for two years, have made over 200% on my investment (sold 80% of my holdings) and haven't received one letter from Steve Jobs.

      Have also owned Diamond Offshore (about a 76% return in 20 months) and not one single letter from anyone at Diamond Offshore.

      Wow, I guess neither company cares about their stock holders.