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  • crazyworld4u crazyworld4u Oct 29, 2010 10:36 PM Flag

    Just bought an 8" LS ACF unit

    It's awesome.
    Liked it so much I started researching the company's stats.
    Liked the stats so much I started buying shares down here.
    Company is going for near zero enterprise value!
    Surely this company is still worth more than nothing.
    Company is very close to squeezing enough costs out to be cash flow neutral to positive at current sales rate.
    But with some hot new products, like Lightswitch, sales COULD very well increase.
    The Coronado solar scope line is premium, and hot.
    A RISING Chinese currency will HELP MEAD with their Mexican factory. CELESTRON would be at a disadvantage.

    This company has a very very interesting history.
    Started on a kitchen table with $2500.
    Built up. Sold to incompetants by the founder for $6.5 million.
    Bought back by the founder for $500 ! LOL
    He builds it up again.
    Recession hits. China hits.
    Founder retires.
    NOW, time to rebuild again.
    The pieces are there to do it!!
    It will just take good execution, and no more blunders.
    Great engineers at the company.
    Great products. Great optics; the BEST.

    Risk reward is POSITIVE, at this point.
    I'm gonna take a shot on this little gem of a company.

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