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  • charkie.hale charkie.hale Sep 17, 2012 6:24 PM Flag

    why there us no one here?

    Probably not much activity here, because INTX is a very LOW VOLUME stock. An average days trading for INTX is less than 100,000 shares a day, that is very low volume and the BIG BOYS (trading a few thousand shares at a time) do not like to play in such a small pool. I also just got in at less than $11 a share. A few of the reasons I like this stock are: It pays a very nice dividend, and it can pay that dividend because it is largely a cash business. I don’t mean cash; literally, it’s just that they don’t have a lot of their capital tied up in hard assets, like MFG plants and equipment. They are more of a service company, where it costs them a lot less to provide the service than the customers pay for the service, kind of like a cable or phone company. Another reason I like it is that FIDELITY INVESTMENTS rates the company as VERY BULLISH (A 10 out of 10 rating!). The last reason I chose to get into this company is that I like the way their chart fluctuates up and down. It can spike up or down very sharply, but stays within a certain range. I’ve had good success with companies like this that undulate up and down by buying in and out on the upticks and down ticks. If the stock works well for me, I try to never be completely out of the shares. Oh it is so sad when it goes up and up and up and you have to sell ALL of your shares, ha ha, what a problem, huh? And while you are trading in and out of the stock, you collect a nice dividend on the shares you are holding. GLTA

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    • Ok so what is ur target price to sell? This stock has very good prcie I got in $10.51, you think it will rose less $13 a shares? or more? let me know... thanks

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • I cannot really put a “sell” price on my shares. I know some people do because they want to be “mechanical” about it. “At this price, I sell, no matter what”. That takes all the “emotion” out of the equation. I tried a system like that for awhile. You use all these exacting formulas to determine at exactly what price to buy and to sell. I always felt I could do better, and I think I have.
        So, if INTX creeps up over the next year to 15, 16, or 17. I still can’t say whether I would be buying or selling. It would depend on what the fundamentals looked like at that time. If earnings were growing, the dividend looked secure, and the business looked good, I might hold or buy a little more. But if earnings growth was shrinking, profits were down, etc. etc. I would probably be selling some. Now, if it “spiked up” to 16 or 17 tomorrow (very unlikely) I would definitely sell. There is usually some easing off of the price, profit taking, trending lower, until the next “spike”.
        Right now, I am in what I call “accumulation” mode with INTX. As long as the outlook is good, I’ll “nibble” on the dips. Another characteristic of mine is that I buy in little bits and SELL IN BIG CHUNKS. I once owned a stock that I ended up with 3500 shares. But I “accumulated” those shares over an almost two year period. Most of the time in the red, I became very discouraged and would have sold out and took my lumps, BUT THE FUNDAMENTALS ALWAYS LOOKED GOOD. My patience paid off, because when it started to rise, it did it slowly over a few months, then it started to spike up 8, 10 or 12 per cent at a time with a down period or “base building” after each spike. Although I had never bought more than 200 or 300 shares at a time, when I sold it was 1700, 1000, and 800 at a time.
        Good luck to you and all INTX investors.
        Sentiment: Strong buy
        Disclaimer: I do not offer any investing advice. I only relate what I do and what works for me. I make no claim whatsoever that anyone should do the same as me. Everyone has a different background, ideas, and comfort level. What works for one person may not work for all. I offer only “ideas”, you must learn what you are comfortable with and what works for you by trial and error.

      • I don’t set hard and fast “numbers” to buy and sell. I watch what the price is doing (trending up or down) and then also look at the fundamentals. I usually buy little bits at a time, but when I sell it’s usually at least half of my holdings. If it is a stock I really like, I never sell it all. I keep some for more trading. If I don’t like the prospects of a stock, or it does not look like it has too bright of a future, then I will sell all and get out of it.
        Good luck to you,

        Sentiment: Buy

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