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  • j_colter j_colter Apr 22, 2013 11:36 AM Flag

    Last Good Buying Opportunity

    With only 8 trading days left until the 1st Qtr conference call next Wednesday May 1, I believe investors who wish to buy QUIK now have the last remaining opportunity to buy QUIK at a very good price. With QuickLogic not having forewarned of any shortfall from their first Qtr guidance, we now know there will be some increase in new product revenue for the 1st Qtr as Andy Pease forecast at the early February conference call. That is in line with his full year prediction that QUIK will show new product revenue growth every Qtr this year. I am looking forward to hearing more about the new deals QUIK has received which Andy said he would discuss at next week's cc. QUIK is currently at 2.23.

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    • Another positive sign is that there has been no selling by QuickLogic insiders since November 7, 2012, 5 1/2 months ago. On November 7 several insiders sold some QUIK at 2.25. This month of April 2013, QUIK has sold as high as 2.60, and yet no QUIK insiders have sold a share. Think the insiders know that good news is coming next Wednesday, May 1 ? I think so.

    • If you were a large institution and liked the positive prospects for QUIK and had already bought some of the stock you wanted, but had not completed filling your position, what would you do?

    • Well, I been holding onto and trading QUIK for about 18 months. Since the stock hit $2.60, the stock has been under constant distribution. If the company is supposed to grow significantly over the next 12-24 months (some people suggest +30M in revenues within 4-5 quarters, how come the stock is not trading close to $4 but instead is heading south?? My point is: Where is the smart money?

    • I agree. Look at the wording of their guidance in the last CC. They gave cautious guidance, and it is clear that Asia is driving the new product revenue. Since then we have heard how China and Asia are now in rapid growth for the newest smartphones and tablets, especially the value priced ones. I am looking forward to this next CC.

      *** For the first quarter of 2013 we are forecasting new product revenue of approximately $1.3 million plus or minus 10%. We are being cautious in our new product forecast as we believe we will receive limited forecast input from our Asian customers until after the Chinese New Year.

      We are anticipating modest bookings to the aerospace test and instrumentation sector and are estimating product revenue of approximately $2 million. In total we're forecasting revenue of approximately $3.3 million plus or minus 10%. ***

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      • Let me look into my crystal ball. A few cracks and a bit foggy, but I think it will do fine. They meet within 10% +/- of new product revenues but the overall revenue misses and it is because of supply chain disruptions and inventory corrections. A big hooray for keeping new revenue at about 1MM for a few years and continued losses (better losses than expected though!). They are still a drop of dew in the amazon of smartphone sales. They will say they are disappointed but still remain cautiously optimistic for the outlook in 2013 ( can someone kick that skipping record!!).

      • From the last page of the Roth presentation on March 19th.

        Broad range of solutions that enhance the end user experience and differentiate an OEM’s products

        Seeing Concrete Traction in BOTH Display and Connectivity Solutions that WILL result in Significant Year over Year Growth.

        The CAPS are from the presentation.

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