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  • j_colter j_colter May 12, 2013 11:26 PM Flag

    QUIK Gains Credability

    In my opinion, the recent news that QUIK's first Tier 1 customer's first order went into production in April is important news that should not be underestimated. If there have been other Tier 1 potential customers, or just other potential customers, who have been holding back on placing orders with QUIK because of concern over QUIK's "uneven" financial performance in the past and because of its small size, those potential customers may now be more willing to "step up to the plate" and place their orders. Executives often don't like to be the first ones to try something new if they are at risk of being fired if their choice is wrong. However, once an executive or a Tier 1 company commits to a product or service and it works and meets expectations in the marketplace, other companies are likely to follow with their own orders for the product or service. I think the "dam" has been broken and that other customers' orders will follow, and the traction that QUIK investors have long been looking for in QUIK's new products has finally taken hold. Also, I see that there have been no QUIK insider sales since Nov. 7, 2012, over 6 months ago. That is the longest time interval between QUIK insider sales in 2 years, which is as far back as my computer shows.

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    • It has been almost 7 years since I purchased my first shares of QUIK. Yes, I have been frustrated and even disgusted with how long it has taken QUIK to gain its first Tier 1 customer for its new ArticLink family of chips. QUIK has made some mistakes and it has had some bad luck. However, QUIK's gaining its first Tier 1 customer is a very important win in my opinion. Also, at the recent conference call AP did say they have other orders in hand that go into production in the current 2nd Qtr and in the 3rd Qtr. So I do see signs of real traction taking hold that we have not seen before. QUIK is a high risk speculative investment, but it also has tremendous potential reward. Yes, I look forward to the day when we see the QuickLogic insiders buying their stock with their own money. But, one step at a time. At least now, we have not seen corporate insider selling in over 6 months. QUIK has been contained in a fairly narrow price range from 2 to 4 over the last year. If over coming months we can get some good news from QUIK that will propel the stock up and out of the 2-4 price range on high volume, I believe QUIK will emerge out of its base and resume its new Uptrend, which I believe has already started. Currently, QUIK is at 2.31, up +.06 or +2.67%,

    • You have lost your credibility for spelling it. Wait for the pudding to come out because that is where the proof would be. Heard this song before many times. Where is Kyocera? Where is BenQ? Where is NOK? If things were so great do you think they would have utilized quik in all devices and have that competitive advantage that everyone talks about? 5 ➕years in the making and this is what they have? CSSPs then off the shelf components from the dollar store? The reason for the change is evident.

    • I also don't see any insider buys.....

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