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  • j_colter j_colter Jul 18, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Last Great Buying Opportunity for QUIK?

    QUIK is currently selling at 2.28. In my opinion, this may be the last opportunity to buy QUIK at 2.28, ie in the high 2.20's. Two days ago, QUIK announced their upcoming 2nd Qtr conference call on July 31, WITHOUT forewarning of any shortfall from their prior 2nd Qtr forecast. This failure of QUIK to participate in the stock market's recent advance does not make sense. On the other hand, maybe it does make sense. In a micro-cap stock like QUIK, it is well known that price manipulation by stock pros goes on. It maybe that the pros are trying to keep QUIK's price down so that they can buy the last cheap shares of its stock, before the price goes up on what I expect will be a positive 2nd Qtr report and positive 3rd Qtr guidance.

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    • I sat on this stock for months in the 2.20-2.40 range. I dumped it at 2.28 and now look at it. #$%$?

    • Just took off, up 13%!

    • The way I see it from here it's pretty binary. Either sub 1.80 or over $3..

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      • The CEO's guidance last Q was for more than doubling of new product revenue (which is all that matters with this company) in Q2. Normally, guidance like that would have caused most stocks to surge. Not the case here due to prior disappointments and lack of cred. But, even if they fall short and report just a doubling of new product revs, shouldn't that still validate the growth thesis and cause a big move up?

    • The July 15, 2013 short position in QUIK has not yet been reported. On June 28, 2013, there were 6,650,000 million shares of QUIK short. It is possible that most of those shorts covered on June 28 when 6,026,500 shares of QUIK traded, as the index funds sold QUIK shares as part of the Russell Indices re-balancing. If most or many of those shares short are still uncovered, I don't know how the shorts will be able to cover now without driving the price of QUIK up. In 3 of the last 4 trading days, only about 50,000+ shares of QUIK traded. It would appear there are simply not many QUIK stockholders who are now willing to sell their shares, except at higher prices. Most QUIK investors now are most likely holding on to their stock at least until the 2nd Qtr conference call on July 31. Unless I am failing to see something, if the number of shares of QUIK sold short are still significantly high now, the shorts are in for a "short squeeze", which should drive the price of QUIK up, if on July 31 QUIK reports good new product revenue growth that Andy Pease has forecast for the 2nd Qtr. Am I missing something?

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    • Very interesting. Today, after the market closed, both Google and Microsoft reported disappointing 2nd Qtr earnings reports--Big Time!

      With no pre-warning from QUIK that 2nd Qtr new product revenue growth will be less than Andy Pease has forecast, it looks like QUIK might show investors on July 31 that it is now "the little engine that could", while 2 "big locomotives" today "fell off the track". That kind of change in relative revenue growth could catch investors' attention and result in money flowing into QUIK stock, driving the stock up in price. I am looking forward to the conference call on July 31.

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      • The lack of interest in this stock as the earnings call approaches is mystifying. At the last call, after already witnessing the 1st month of Q2, the CEO projected a huge 144% Q-over-Q increase in new product revenue for Q2. Serious growth must have already been "in the bag" at time. Yet, the market is ignoring 1 of the most striking growth opportunities available. This stock is not priced for even half the growth the CEO projected 1 month into the Q. July 31 may be a rude awakening for remaining shorts.

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    • I think it will hover around 50-day average of $2.30 till July 31st.
      Low volume shows light institutional interest. If they deliver on Q2 guidance and provide good Q3 and rest of the year guidance, then it will take off. It appears the shorts have not got the memo yet...

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