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  • ronstaug6611 ronstaug6611 Dec 6, 2012 7:03 PM Flag

    does anyone even own AT anymore

    Well, we do! It's painful, but we continue to hold. Started collecting monthly dividends almost 8 yrs ago, traded it a bit in order to reduce our cost basis, then cut it way back from a grossly overweight position to a slightly above normal position after the NYSE listing. We're playing with "house money". The C.E.O. won't make a public statement referring to how safe (or unsafe) the dividend is & the gal who's in charge of IR protects management like the "family jewels". We're going to wait it out until the next conf. call & see what happens. *BTW, this is the 1st & probably the last post I've ever made on yahoofinance.

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    • I still own At and as long as that monthly divi comes in I find it worth the risk. I've read new acquisitions make things a bit brighter than last report indicated.

    • hammergerald Dec 23, 2012 1:46 AM Flag

      You lying piece of #$%$ you have been posting here since 2003 all one has to do is pun ronstaug6611 in the search and click all mseeage boardsa and all your #$%$ will come up, if your not lying i am worried that you have dementia as you say you buy and sell things when you don't

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    • hammergerald Dec 23, 2012 1:28 AM Flag

      Why do you keep lying you have posted on yaho for years re CEFs

    • ronstaug, I am in an almost identical situation and held on when it almost hit the 5 dollar range and the utility forecaster said to sell. Did buy a few shares at the low levels and of course have rewarded. These guys seem to have their act together even when the steps they take are highly unorthodox, so will stick with them and may even start taking some small bites of the cookie.

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    • We got filled on a pretty good slug of "open" orders today...
      Brought our "average" costs down quite a bit...
      Barring something quite unseen at this point, I think the dividend (while appearing a little 'shaky' at times) is, probably, 'reasonably' secure over the next few years...Leverage is a scary game sometimes, but we kinda think AT's got enough on the stick to keep the payout coming for the foreseeable future...If nothing else, from these levels, you could cut the $1.15 dividend to a buck (or Looney , as the case may be) and still have a yield close to the meantime, I'll just have to suffer with a measly10% while we wait for the "market" and AT to do their thing...I feel reasonably confident that they ain't about to go outta business and that $1.15 dividend offers a lot of leverage should they have mis-calculated cash flow...That yield, in this market and that type (utility) is too good to pass-up, High-Risk or Not IMO.

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