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  • sinejoco sinejoco Aug 29, 2007 11:13 AM Flag


    of course i like this deal yet it might not be as discounted as it apprears because they own 147m of bonds that surely are caught in the turmoil and antoher 30m or corpaorate bonds , that all are surely marked down in value...........still i like it , but if you adjust the mark down . maybe the discount is more like 8% only.....the bonds might be just fine but marked down non the less...maybe they will not buy anymore of non fre - fnm paper now and that is good.....northfield is nice beo might be intrenched though make a million a year hard to leave and to sell it is not a perfect deal , plus mhc not the best thing for shareholders usually ( unlike the roma the great !) yet market area of northfield is far superoir to roma the great/./////i say buy but do not expect much from it....and if market gets worse...might not be enough vig in it...joco