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  • doc.feelgoode doc.feelgoode May 31, 2013 9:55 PM Flag

    You do see the irony?

    Funny how you come whining over here, like I said, and also funny how you can't post more than one thought without a personal attack, again like I said.

    Exactly why I now rarely post on this POS board. It's just a bunch of cheap shot artists who can't hold a thought together without a personal attack.

    Now launch into your tirade, call me chicken and accuse me of hiding behind censorship. Fact is none of you morons can post more than a sentence without attacking others. You want to pretend that this is the honest board, but honestly it's a board with nothing but personal attacks.

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    • Dave,

      Nice call on the price explosion today!! You are the king of CTIX investing!

    • Dave,

      What happened to the "price explosion" you predicted for today?

    • Sure you don't need to use personal attacks because you just ban any post you disagree with. How convenient. Wish we could do the same here. Unfortunately all we can do here is call you out for being the dumb #$%$ piece of #$%$ co.$ck suck./k-er you are. Me and you are not done on ihub jack #$%$. 60mg/m2 showing efficacy my #$%$.

    • your recent incessant change of alias on ihub is already a suspect. i don't believe this pos board can be even more pos until your showed up. i think those who follow both boards will see through your less than honorable nature.

      if i were you i would focus on forecasting monday so your followers have something incorrect to trade on.

    • You want irony Dave?

      You spend tons of time lurking around a board you claim to despise

      You claim you "now" rarely post on this board---but your ID clearly shows you've only ever posted twice on this board....both in recent weeks....both in your attempts to stalk you're either 1) a rampant liar or 2) someone who trolls these boards under multiple aliases to feed your own illusions (also likely)

      Go back to the Hub....clearly being the "leader" of a collection of nut jobs there is an integral part of your you better go protect your turf before a new "Dr. Jerry" comes along, gets kudos and infuriates you while undermining your sense of self-worth.

      Later English professor

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