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  • chinamannyc2003 chinamannyc2003 Jun 4, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

    leo's response to email

    "We are very pleased with the way the trial is progressing. That being said when we planned for the poster presentation, we had hoped to be further along in cohorts and have the p21 data in hand. When viewing our poster one must consider that these are terminally ill patients and that all have different cancers. As we accelerate dosage the picture should be clearer. Yes, it was well received during the viewing.

    At ASCO
    Leo Ehrlich "

    "we had hoped": stop it.

    stop setting hopes high and then turning around telling people the study population is difficult to manage.

    tell people the study population is difficult to manage in the first place, again and again and then try to pleasantly surprise people.

    leo, because of his desire to uplist out of otcbb, has wrongly concluded that to keep a good line communication with investors and to show optimism is the way to go. too much of a good thing is bad. unfortunately, as we see again and again, even in the short runs his strategy fails again and again. he ends up unpleasantly surprises and disappoints often.

    he keeps on tagging the p21 line whenever possible. fine with me as long as leo you'd better deliver on that soon. otherwise, sign up on ihub as dr leo and start posting there!

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    • It makes perfect sense to me that Cohort 2 was delayed. Somebody up an dropped out for some reason. They had to be replaced an caught up on dosing. A random event and quite possibly one that will not be repeated to cause future delay. I sympathize with Leo. Goal is to keep a Lon term pot of hold and a short term catalyst and keep both in your investors sights. Otherwise you get people like me who attempt to make money on a shorter term catalyst in the meantime. It's rule 101 in the biotech CEO handbook. Keep your investors thinking something big is just around every corner. Problem for investors is eventually that is true.

    • from the beginning we were told via NCI listing that terminally ill participants would be recuited. stage 4 refractory solid tumors not responding to current available treatment. how sorrier can a case get. i think the desire to target so MANY different kinds of solid tumors caused the delay between cohorts. that and the Xmas holidays.

      i agree that leo dances with rosy scenario too often when giving out timelines. alsol he could give exact dates when cohorts start dosing and when they escalate. but he and dr menon have put in big bucks (they own 72% of stock) so i guess they can do what they want. dr menon also stated he and leo would provide more funds in the future if needed. what i want to know is why it is taking dr reddy so long to make the pruisol pill.

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      • therefore the given should not be used as an excuse in that context. if they know full well that they are facing challenges, why not share that as a fact with shareholders along the way?

        also, the pr right before asco has menon saying there is a chance that p21 data can be ready. now we hear it is at least weeks away. to me that is pretty far off target. makes me wonder if menon really got the last min delay call from the lab. or not.

        seems that leo and menon have found good company between the 2 of them. how are you? great, great, great. you? great, great, great. what's up? nothing but great, great, great. p21? coming. pr? soon. p trial? everything is ready to go; not go but ready to go!!! oh wait, can't talk right now, have to answer an email from ihub. have a great, great, great day! think sanguine!!!

        i could care less how much money they have put into ctix. i judge deplorable behavior on a case by case basis and not influenced by the past, present or future. and seriously, somehow i find leo's behavior very un-billionaire like, and very penny stock like.

      • maybe you should incessantly stalk and harass Dr. Reddy's until you get an answer that satisfies you....similar to what you've done in the past with DF and other's involved in the Kevetrin trial

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