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  • kevinllieno kevinllieno Jul 11, 2013 2:39 PM Flag

    nice SA article but the company CTIX is about prurisol....

    He forgets that this company is more than Kevi, which he projects as greater than pcys drug.


    We will have the POC in about 90 days. I see somebody just said the psorisis market should increase by like 50 percent in the next 3 years, from like 5 billion a year market to 7.5 billion, and this is the usa only. The usa has 7 million sufferers, the world 125 million.

    the numbers are mega gigantic for our product, if it hits.

    We offer a cure, defined as no resurgence of symptoms in 180 days.

    If our rat cure is valid, and we take 75% of the market in 3 years, or 5 billion a year.

    The stock is like a 100 bucks for htis alone. 5 billion in revs eventually, over time: 4.9 billion after costs of production; cut a drug distributor in for 1.9 billion, so they do all the work

    ctix gets the 3 billion net, or 30 bucks a share

    multiple of 20

    share price 600 bucks....

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    • sure, 3 billion net, with a U.S. market projected by 2017 to be 7.5, and we offer a cure for that. I "projected" us grabbing 4/5 billion of that market. peel off a couple bill for partners, and we net, in 3.5 years, 3 billion. Blah blah. What if our rat studies are proven in the human trials? What precisely does this mean. We will know come October 1st. Nobody must like money from psoriasis? Correct? the psoriasis money must be no good in this bar. I have us at 30 bucks a share in earnings, in 3.5 years, X 20 as a PE, equals 600 bucks a share. Kevi don't matta......the cancer thing is high profile but what about Prurisol? This market is 2.2 percent of an expanding U.S. population. Currnetly that is like 7.3 billion people according to the national psoriasi foundation. They also have this nice little tidbit

      Current world P sufferers: 125 million.

      125 125 125 125.
      million. Plus the recent stuff approved via celgene or the newer thing is not even in prurisol's class, in inferior stuff. We have the BEST IN CLASS therapeutic. .......okay, okay, 3 billion net, 20 PE = sp 600

      what about europe, south america, asia, africa, aussieworld. ?????
      Biotech is the way to be going forward. No question. CTIX is a psorisis company, with a division devoted to a cancer compound. Prurisol will be a pure cash cow beyond, .....the likes of which...................

    • i see a small mathematical error as 75% is not 5 bil. no matter

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