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  • chinamannyc2003 chinamannyc2003 Sep 11, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    why i continue to hold close to 200k shares

    because i am a lucky guy and ctix will turn to gold if i say so and put my money on the line :)

    i am dead serious. any day, as they say on the golf course, it is better to be lucky than good.

    rarely rarely does one bump into a situation where clearly it is a gold mine and others misunderstand it due to a variety of reasons.

    used to be a mountain of lab data on k, so overwhelmingly positive that it looks incredible. now, humans are showing similar signs of efficacy, at very low dose. does end stage tumor shrink because of good hospital food? :) is it because of the prune juice?:) how about prayers??? no. something has interfered with the tumor growth and more likely than not it is due to K's effect. side effect minimal as earlier seen in mice? check.

    often, people claim they are poor because they have no money. i say they are poor because they are poor in patience. or too smart for their own good,,,can't sit still. always have to be on the move to f things up. always assume very wrongly that they are the master of the universe. far from it. just another dweeb with internet connection. talk big, with small bank acct.

    i am one of the laziest guys around. lend my money to others who are smarter and better. let those guys make the big money for me. so i can play so much golf and spend so much on it that it should be a sin.

    why did i go missing this summer? how about 3 long months of r and r globally??? :) most of the places i have traveled to have no internet connection! haha.

    so, stop being tue morning quarterbacks:). essentially everyone here knows sheet about anything. be honest about that. either take a hike (nothing wrong with that) or sit down tight. first acknowledge that you know nothing and you are a loser:) you know nothing about clinical trials. you know nothing about oncology. you know nothing about finances of the highest calibre... :0 so shut up and let ctix people do their work

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