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  • chinamannyc2003 chinamannyc2003 Sep 12, 2013 12:51 PM Flag

    "but i am still long this stock"....interesting!

    Ahrdee Member Profile Ahrdee

    Thursday, September 12, 2013 12:46:50 PM
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    Hi Truth**

    I think this is why the Polymedix shareholders bailed out. It clearly did not outdo daptomycin. There was something about adverse events but I remember seeing on one slide that the adverse events connected with daptomycin during the study were slightly more.

    So if you have a new product which is not better than what is out there currently (and you still have to go through additional Phase II and then III) what are the prospects?

    I don't really know why CTIX went after this. It is extremely important when you are an organization to define your objectives clearly and stay focused, and commit resources prudently, even more so when you are an emerging one seeking a foothold.

    Part of what made CTIX a safer bet was the 'fall back' to Prurisol in case K did not go as hoped. Now, I am ever so slightly less sanguine about that prospect and also less blindly trusting of the genius or forthrightness of those leading CTIX. But I am still long this stock.

    question: why did pepsi bother after coke? :)

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    • I also looked at some data that suggested brilacin was clearly not as good as Cubicin. It made me think that brilacin might be limited to bugs resistant to Cubicin, or patients intolerant of Cubicin. What bothers me is, it raised doubts in my mind about Leo's credibility regarding Kevetrin. Also, Leo said a phase 2 trial was planned for Kevetrin plus Pfizer's drug for renal carcinoma in 2014. How can they do this without a phase 1 for safety? Even if the current phase 1 trial for K. is successful, that doesn't mean combining the two drugs is safe.

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      • lieinhart, are you qualified to really dig into the data and second guess our dynamic duo and their world class advisors. Leo and Dr. M were not the only people who looked at this on behalf of CTIX. Look at our Board of Advisors. Personally, I do not dig into scientific data (but I am partial to pictures, especially those of Kate Upton) because for me that would be like reading hieroglyphics. The guys who own and run ctix better be light years ahead of me in all respects, and ditto for the IHUB people, or we can all lock the doors and turn out the lights right now. I will open my wrists to save time and worry. BTW, there is a suggestion that the p21 info released was hot off the press. But it only addressed 30 mg cohorts. We are now what, finishing up 75 mg. There are multiple catalysts and unknown ones going forward here, and one might be more lab data on p21 at 75 mg, etc.....Gotta think we get it within the next couple months. Every week is one more in the bank. Let them sell. Know what you own, or at least who you're with. Who am I to second guess these two about the switch in Pruirsol strategy? They know more than me, which ain't saying much. upward and onward.

      • i think even looking at data for some can be a daunting task :)

    • Ctix went after for a simple reason: To make money, period.
      This is totally new technology of antibiotics and with all the resistance of the general prescribed drugs there will be a great demand for Brilacidin if they can prove it works.
      There were some really innovative scientists on the staff of Poly. I know the market will go back and forth trying to decide if this was the right choice, if this was a good deal for shareholders, etc. In the long scheme of things I believe it will off big time.
      They received this for a very cheap price.
      As I predicted, I still believe this will drift lower and be a much more attractive buy.

    • Ask in your mind what was the price of the facility given the price of property and building?If the drug canidate pays off it`s just iceing on the building cake.Just thinking on a mb and asking a question.

    • less sanguine,,,,oh my, quite sophisticated!

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