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  • z_for_three z_for_three Feb 14, 2014 3:19 PM Flag

    Why no Press Release from Leo defending himself and Dr. Menon?

    Both have been outed as having shady backgrounds which warrants a defense. Leo is quick to tout CTIX's drugs in development. Why has he not been quick to defend the backgrounds and past dealings / investments and career work of himself and Dr. Menon?

    Where is the clarification? If someone was smearing my name and background, you can bet your #$%$ that I would be defending myself.

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    • OUTTED by WHOM..yur po$$EE of thieves/punks/wannbee$$!!

      We know how to CULL the Ferals silly child...

      Hes street smart unlike yur PUNK writers who are STREET STUPID!

      Rule #1 in Business----NEVER GET IN A PUBLIC #$%$ MATCH!

      They did not to their credit!

      Rule #2---KEEP your friends close..but YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER!

      Its YOU Son who has been OUTTED----LOLAY!

      What you think we cant BUYOFF YMB wonks to get your ID?

      think AGAIN punk!


    • I don't think he needs to defend himself. That would just give credence to the hack who wrote the article. I'm sure they'll write something in time but it's best to let the bs article shake itself out. I thought about jumping out but then realized that the potential of CTIX far outweighs a bashing article that shouldn't have been released in the first place. When I lose faith in the company then I will part ways. That's my two cents.

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      • Bullitt they may do a letter to shs like GALE did last Friday after a similiar BEAR RAID by similiar PUNK$..this is why on NASDAQs I always trade to lowest NAC on all shares until I get way below the 200 DMA..once I get there I trade the edges and keep playing the spread...these PUNKS have just now figured out that CTIX is way UNDERVALUED mainly over the BK on BRIL and they want cheap shares(they saw the sp drop to $1.40 on 12/4/2013 and they think they can get it there again with a TRASH SA article???

        LOL! The longs control this STOCK now because we have educated them on VALUATION! Only a FOOL would sell shares of CTIX beyond edge trades!

        ...So look here.... Social Media is double edge sword..when I penn on SA as RP which I do often Im read by many..they do their DD and they see Im right on certain plays like CTIX which lately the last two months Ive beaten the drum on various social media sites and other blogs where I hang out in an effort to increase CTIX awarene$$!

        That has ramifications ok..Im not ""PUMPING ME"" or my blogs but I get so many requests to talk about Bios its ridiculous how many people follow my blogs....ok I accept that because of my career and my public willingness to put it there in cyberspace..but again that has its good and its bad!

        Im here now and we are being watched by those who have good and bad Intentions..its the game we play! I know it and all CTIX shareholders better consider it as they own this stock going forward!

        Im not a SHORT but I will be Honest when I see a problem w/ a Company that is MATERIAL imo!

        I see no such issues here now....but its still early in the game...EXECUTION is what I measure against a preset list of achievable goals..I think these guys are on target at this point for how small an op they are and limited resources! Some see that as a negative..but not me....I love small cos early on when NO ONE KNOWS about them..CTIX is such a company but NOT for much longer....


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • its pretty bold of you to keep that faith with menons questionable past.. people dont write articles about successful people tring to run them down for no reason.... theres usualy truth behind them ... this is my sticking point menon maybe ill regret it maybe not .

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • maybe cause he agrees ..

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • see oilup1234 is an example of a PUNK who followed me over to CTIX from CLDX!

        He think$ he can now get cheap shares over here but hes another LOSER like Zfor3..!

        They run in packs like wolves and are BOTTOM FEEDERS for lack of a better term..LOL!

        See vultures---All species of vulture are similar in the sense that they scavenge for their food whenever possible rather than killing it themselves. Vultures feed on the remains of dead animals and are never too fussy about what is left. Vultures are known to strip meat, skin and even feathers, leaving only the skeleton of the animal remaining.

        Although vultures are generally fairly solitary animals, groups of vultures are often seen circling prey from the sky above. This movement of the vultures is called a kettle and a group of vultures together is sometimes known as a venue.

        Vultures have keen eyesight. It is believed they are able to spot a three-foot carcass from four miles away on the open plains. In some species, when an individual sees a carcass it begins to circle above it. This draws the attention of other vultures that then join in.

        In our case we are not DEAD but they TRIED to KILL US w/ the SA article....circling now and looking to EAT CTIX shares..jus that plain and simple....HOLD TIGHT and they FLY AWAY to another poor sap!


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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