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  • machtabow machtabow Nov 25, 2002 6:46 PM Flag


    Really, johnboy...thanks for correcting my grammar...not that I give a shit about what I type to you on this board. You should spend your time learning more about trading along with your "butt-buddy". I don't think I need to refer back to you last message to tell you how stupid you are after today's newly posted numbers. Like I said...see you at broke...and "Fry-Guy", next time you'll take to heart a little good advise rather than criticize it...let's see 40% lost on 25% of your investment...and as I said 80% by next Monday evening if not tommorow...

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    • You know once again you are just talking out of your ass just to be talking. You would think that someone as ignorant as you are would learn to at least keep your mouth shut if you don't have a clue; but no not you. You said I have lost %40 of my investiment??? Just where in hell have you gotten that? Just because I missed a few runups, you think I lost? You stupid ass, you can not lose if you are not in....get it. Either up or down you don't lose if you happen to be all cash, dumb ass! I started with $3500, I now as of tonight hold $8500+, I flip a stock when I think it has peaked, sometimes I guess right, sometimes I guess wrong...but either way stupid, I haven't lost money. Now you may not consider $5,000 much money, but I will take it for about 3-4 weeks work, in my very spare time, after putting in a full days work, with no access to a computer during that work day. NO STUPID SHIT, I AM NOT 40% DOWN, I AM OVER 100% up. Yes, could have been maybe 200% up, but like I said, I work for a living, I don't sit around all day in some office, scratching my ass, like you probably do. Now you piece of shit, just get your frigging facts straight, you and all the rest of your piss ant hangers on. I have in the past posted exactly when I bought and sold, but I will not do this anymore because of totally ignorant, stupid, can't get it straight if you put a gun to their head, assholes like you! Now piss off, piss ant!

    • And i thought i was he only guy that saw through your disguise and bull shit .
      now margin and frey guy and johnny boy can go out and play ,just don't play with the computer any more.

    • GOOD FOR YOU!!!

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