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  • rickarooski rickarooski Apr 17, 2013 3:11 PM Flag

    ATML traded by criminals. The "paper" will take this company out before the product will.

    And that's the goal IMO. Inter-institutional shennigans day after day. No matter how good the "news", the pukes still take it down. This is planned obsolescence. Will the SEC not look at this?
    NOTHING (legit) as been said or done to have ATML respond like this. Just oportunistic pukes trading between themselves.

    This is the kicker (AKA reason?)
    UNXL hasn't sold a dime and is in the stratosphere based on hype and hope.
    ATML is actually selling things and it can't get past a programmed channel.

    Tell me this isn't worthy of a SEC review?
    No crying in the milk here. Just wondering why criminal trading is allowed to continue.

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    • 1. A lot of tech down today not just Atmel. ^SOX dowm 3.23%, SYNA down 2.55%, CY down 3.09%, MCHIP down 3.72%, NVDA down 1,31%, TXN down 4.13%, ...
      2. I do not see any news of new design wins or anythings else that adds to the Atmel bottom line and as I have said the PE is already around 90 so what would make price go up?.
      3. I think UNXL is going to be taking some money that would have gone to Atmel in the past.

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      • CRUS (big APPL supplier) down very hard; 15.7%. Projections cut sharply.

      • You forgot to place the % loss for ATML in your post. You did management to include 6 others. But none of them were even CLOSE to ATML's 6.50%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Artificially overdone. No competition for shares. Hand-skakes between institutions. The kicker 85% institutionally owned. (So they can trade between thrmselves all day long)

        And while they keep ATML in check, making money on manufactured channeling, they pump the #$%$ out of UNXL, an unproven entity. And THIS is why the pukes should be jailed. And THIS IS WHY the retail investor doesn't want to enter the market.

        The only people making money are the holders of the big-money.
        If you watched BAC today you got taken to school if you watched it play out. A classic!!!!!
        Keep BAC's chart of today in your long-term memory as it's a clinic. (Each and every part of it)

    • You're absolutely right. I couldn't agree more.

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