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  • santa_clara_greg santa_clara_greg Apr 24, 2013 4:42 PM Flag


    Atmel is now in four Kyocera phones. Who efing cares? Up two cents probably all that it is worth.
    Not the touch controller in GS4, a sub $1 uC is not the win we need to move the stock.
    Not in HTC one
    Not in Lumia 920
    Not in BB Z10
    Not in iPhone
    But we own Kyocera!

    This is embarrassing.


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    • ptaylor2112 Apr 25, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

      Hey Santa_Clara_Greg - I think you are the oldest old-timer still on this board. I've been lurking for years, but even don't read this board much anymore due to all the spam. If I recall, you have been bullish on ATML for years; are you now bearish? I think they still have some run, though not back up to $10. Am interested in the next earnings call. Thoughts?

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I am bullish because of microcontrollers, Xsense and Win 8, but they #$%$ away their smartphone dominance. Synaptics has every significant smartphone design win (except Apple). Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Blackberry. Those five manufacturers command the market and Atmel has none of them. I really wonder who will buy the MXt540s. I'd do not see it winning any phones. The 112 and 224 have all the wins. The next few quarters should be awesome for Synaptics.

        If they lost their smartphone dominance then I wonder what business they can protect...

        Win 8 has been out since October and where are all the sales? We did not see it last quarter and the guide for q2 was not good at all. So when are we going to see the Win 8 revs? Or did Atmel lose all the smartphone business and just replaced some of it with Win 8 so no net gain.

        Atmel is almost out of the Fab agreements and should be almost completely through old inventory by the end of the year. Xsense should be ramping now and customers want complete solutions so they can do less engineering and turn designs around faster so offering a sensor and a controller together should help sales of both. The AVR is the best 8bit. And their ARM and 32bit AVR are class leading so wins should continue. So there are positives.

        But smartphones, costs, another 25 million shares.... there are a lot of negatives.

        The price of the stock is about where it was in 2006 so in 6.5 years shareholders got nothing and lost due to inflation and opportunity cost and I can not say the same for Atmel's BOD, CEO and every other officer of the company.

        I am also interested to hear why the CFO and the Controller left within a week of each other.

        I am holding and may buy more, but I am just a little disillusioned by the past 6.5 years...


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