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  • pharmaherocr pharmaherocr Apr 23, 2012 2:37 PM Flag


    save your money and run away while you still can

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    • Here's what I know for a fact today as of 27 April, 2012 5pm EDT:

      Their most-recent 10K filing reported that they had 14 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee on December 31st, 2011. A phone call to their corporate offices today, and a secretary answering the phone estimated that they currently have 20-25 employees. She may be overestimating, as she is not privy to HR information directly. So, their employee levels could still be the same as December 31st. What does this mean? It means they most likely have NOT obtained significant funding or new contracts to produce new parts, products, etc for any new customers since their most recent 10K filing. If they haven't hired a significant amount of new employees to meet the mega demand that AAPL would require for such a product as the iPhone5, it's because they still have no money, plain and simple. No customers = no money. We're talking about a company that in previous years, when they were just making the ejector device for the sim card on the iPhone, they had several HUNDRED employees, according to what I found on the internet. Only 15 employees since December 31st spells disaster.

      Does this mean Apple really isn't going to utilize LQMT to make the new cases for the iPhone5? My guess is NO, because ALSO according to the 10K filing, LQMT all-but-completely sold their intellectual property rights for whatever Apple needs LQMT for, TO AAPL, and all other intellectual property rights were transferred to a holdings company to protect. Basically put: AAPL is probably going to use the Chinese and Foxconn to make the new cases with the IP they purchases (if, in fact, the new cases are made out of LQMT products), and LQMT is prepping for bankruptcy and protecting all other patents and IP by transferring controlling ownership to the holdings company.

      I asked other questions in an email earlier this week, and got a voice mail from Tony Chung, their CFO. Obviously, he would not answer my questions regarding any dealings with AAPL, due to confidentiality agreements. He did not answer any questions I asked regarding acquisition of additional funding and financing for their long-term and short-term debt. He did not answer any question, except to basically tell me to wait for the 10Q filing and the quarterly earnings call in mid-may. What does this mean to me?

      It further reinforces my belief that they have no longstanding contract to make products for AAPL, much less the iPhone5 itself, Macbook, iPad, etc. By dismissing all questions generically with the, "10Q and quarterly earnings call", I'm of the belief that they will no longer be operating after April 30th, 2012, per the concern discussed in the 10K filing.

      I left voice mails with their HR and CFO again today, and neither of which have been returned (as of yet). Tony Chung (the CFO) is apparently traveling on a business trip.

      TL;DR Get your money out now.

    • Really? Wow. I should sell everything now. C'mon man, you can do better than that.

    • Why is it up 14 c today on enormous volume? Anyone know?

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