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  • eotruba eotruba Oct 10, 2007 5:35 PM Flag

    Lookin Good for $22.00 30 days.

    Everything is pointing to at lease $22.00 in the next 30 ___trading days.____

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    • According to my calendar we should have hit 22 last Wednesday. Not too good of a pronosticator are you? I suggest you stick to your day job.

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      • Alindallas:I admit I was way off with my prediction. I really missed it.The one saving grace in my life is that I am now back in my beloved Texas which gives me great hope for my future. I still think this stock is way undervalued.I will continue to hold and buy more at these prices.I feel selling LXP is an extreme over reaction to whats happening in the market. It may take us awhile but I think we will come back and be okay [Not in 30 days though]

    • If it weren't for the financial mess, we'd be looking at $22 today. And since LXP has nothing to do with loans to residential housing or investments in same, LXP at $18 +/- is a screaming buy. I can't double up from my current position for diversification reasons, but below $18 I'm in the market as a buyer for an additional 4,000 shares.

    • Alindallas < I think it is too late for you as I think you were oxygen deficient at birth. >

      That would certainly explain why I continue to post up to you! Give me some credit. I did try not to post you my last several posts, but you mention me in your post. Please don't do that again. Post to your buddy eotruba, who you call a pumper, who evidently doesn't care who he posts to.

      I'll take my own -- good advice -- and eat some more fish. I do need something to remember not to post or have anything to do with your type.

    • I think it is too late for you as I think you were oxygen deficient at birth. If they had not paid $2 more this quarter than the current pps and $3 more, on average, than the current pps for the 7mm shares they've bought back this year they'd have another $21mm in cash they could distruibute. And while that would go to more shares, the increased amount amount distributable would exceed the dilution. So we would be millions of dollars ahead if they'd never repurchased a single share. I'd do the math for you, but you wouldn't understand it.

      BTW, the market is clearly underwhelmed by their performance as it has moved little today. There is, however, a potentially profitable arbitrage here if you buy the stock in a non-taxable account before the special dividend.

    • Alindallas < I do note thay paid an average of $20 for over a half million shares. ... But I'm sure you can explain why that's good for current shareholders ....>

      That's easy. Not to mention the standard reasons why stock buybacks are desirable, it's more obvious that $20 less the dividend that will be paid is well below $20 as well as the stock price low.

      If you're for real Alindallas, and not a Short Trader, I really feel sorry for you. Try eating more fish. It's good for the brain.

    • I don't put any "spin" on their announcements. I'll let the market decide whether it's good, bad or indifferent. I do note thay paid an average of $20 for over a half million shares. So we have a million dollar loss on the share repurchase based on yesterday's closing price. Not exactly stellar performance on that front. But I'm sure you can explain why that's good for current shareholders (although I will admit it WAS GOOD for those who sold for 10% more than the current PPS).

    • With yesterday's buys, I now have doubled up again and have a total of 24,100 shares at 19.03.

      Let's see how Alindallas puts a negative spin on today's earnings announcement.

    • I just doubled my position in LXP at an average price of $18.84. At $22.00 I'll have a fat profit. Looking to double again. I love gifts!

    • 15 days left...and, I still believe...

    • I hope you didn't bet the farm on getting to $22. Continued weaknessgoing into earnings--again.

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