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  • sweet_mn_55343 sweet_mn_55343 Apr 26, 2010 2:35 PM Flag

    Fact check: BMR and POSC

    Now that the dust settled a little bit, and the panic is over, just a couple of refreshers:
    1- the first report on BMR said "either a buyout or partnership" did not say "buyout" at first, and "partnership" now.

    2- the first report on BMR also said that an announcement regarding the date would be made as earl as Monday (which actually did happen today). If you were one of those who assumed that the name of the partner and the details of the partnership was going to be announced today, you need re-read the first report, and make sure you understand what you read.

    3- the CEO has confirmed the news about partnership, but has stated that the details can not be released until the 5th.

    4- Nasdaq marketplace is not a free space for anyone to use - there is a cost of booking time/space there. If the update/news that the company is going to announce was not material/significant, why would the company go pay for it? It makes no sense...

    Don't let crooks play you, and rip you off your shares that easy...This company has the only FDA approved PET scanner, and has growing demand in the light of recent changes in "government reimbursement" policies. Connect the dots, and you will once again realize how big this will be.

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    • Do not sell at loss. Let them cover and watch the price rise.

    • SPOT ON ""bump ""

    • do you think it is a partnership or buyout. i buyout does not seem right. a partnership is more suitable in my opinion.

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      • it is definitely a partnership, hard to assume what % of POSC the new partner will own and at what price. But, you need to factor in "present value of estimated future cash in-flow", and the market value, # of players in the market etc. You all know by now that this market is estimated at multiple billion dollars, and POSC is the only player (the only FDA approved PET scanner is theirs). Do not let the number of the backlogged orders fool you - 50 or 100 (the higher the better of course). The goal of bringing in a partner is also to expedite the manufacturing, marketing and selling process. So no partner would sign a deal just to manufacture & sell 100 units. Their purpose (given the partner is a multibillion dollar company) is to provide product reliability in terms of support, parts, maintenance as well as the confidence "potential buyers" will find in the product backed by a giant. Also, keep in mind that large corporations have stronger "networks" through which they can manufacture at lower cost, and sell more in terms of units.