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  • jeremy.leventhal jeremy.leventhal Nov 24, 2010 12:54 PM Flag


    If you email me, I will share with you the information I received from Pat regarding the PharmAssist primarily being an FDG unit.

    My email is We will move forward from there. Please respond this time, I tried sending you a message to, and you havent responded.

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    • LOL Read all the books you want. You'll find that the school of hard knocks is a part of the process, no matter how many books you read. You'll also find that if you invest in the penny market long enough that you'll find you can get schooled repeatedly, which is why there is a SEC WARNING about trading penny stocks, or any stock for that matter.

      Don't cry foul when you put your money on the line when YOU pulled the trigger in the penny market, no matter what penny stock it is.

      Hour is a disgruntled individual that simply has an axe to grind here because his investment didn't turn out short term as he expected. I certainly hoped it would be a quicker move, but it didn't happen that way. Such is life in PennyLand. I'm still excited about the future of POSC! We still have the products, and are still associated with a multi-BILLION dollar company that is a leader in the field. Accumulation in the .05s for now works for me. Looking forward to 2011.

      Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!


    • Hour, you getting a new ID again? LOL

      You don't need to prove anything to me. I can't say that I wish you well if you truly are pursuing an SEC investigation, because obviously that could have an impact on my investment down the road. So ultimately I wish you'll fail in your quest.

      Although I don't see too many people that would devote that kind of time over the past 7 months. Constantly coming up with new ideas of why this company should fail, eventhough those points truly have nothing to do with your stated mission de jour (P&D SEC inquiry)

      I don't see it going much lower than .05. I think you realize that as well. Good time to buy or cover :) GL with that!

    • If you spend more time learning how to trade and not speculating and pointing fingers, you might recoup some of your losses. Penny stocks go up and down by significant amounts all the time. Welcome to trading and never trade what you can't afford to lose is the number one rule!!

      This company will be successful if you have the patience.

      Good luck!

    • You've described a pump-and-dump and come very close to stating that Garza and Rooney conspired to manipulate the stock price. Pump-and-dump is illegal, period, because it erodes "confidence in the markets." A SEC complaint is justified because I am in no position to prove that an illegal pump-and-dump occurred. Only regulators and the courts can make that determination. And they may fail!

      I've been reading Krinklebine's Hacking Wall Street, which devotes two chapters to pump-and-dumps. Well-executed P&Ds are hacks. I believe that's what I observed for 3-hours on 4/29/10--a hack. Someone successfully comandeered trading in POSC and sold millions of shares for .20. It was made to appear like 'institutional trading' but even if an institution put in an order for millions of shares at .20, there would still be volatility in the stock price. Volatility disappeared completely for an astonishing three hours! I have never stated on this board that Positron or its officers perpetrated this activity. That, too, is a matter for authorities to determine and why my complaint was justified.

      I simply would like my money back. I've pleaded on this board for leniency if officers of Positron are sanctioned by SEC. I'm not 'out to get' Rooney.

      **If you witness a crime, or believe you may have witnessed a crime, you call the cops. It's that simple.**

      Rooney and his chums are innocent until proven guilty. And, under SEC enforcements, they are not required to admit innocence or guilt. Let the system work.

    • Unfortunately, all of us who have held this stock since last April have sustained significant losses. However, the depreciation of a stock, in and of itself, does not justify an SEC complaint. Most of us are not happy with how Rooney & Co. used BMR, how they performed at the NASDAQ debacle or Rooney's sending flowery emails to shareholders, but I have not seen any evidence of security law violations.

    • Actually, I'm giving serious thought to abandoning my activity on this board. My motives have always been explained truthfully: I want my money back. Therefore I'm here to encourage investors to file complaints with SEC. The problem is, that potentially increases the number of people who split the pot if SEC eventually orders the company to disgorge funds. My strategy could backfire.

      I would be quite willing to prove that I lost $22.4K on this investment with a screen shot from my brokerage account. Unfortunately, that wouldn't prove to you that I'm not shorting. I could have another brokerage account somewhere, couldn't I?

      And, sad but true, others on ihub and Mr. T.s posclongs board were reporting even greater (unrealized) losses than mine months ago. Undoubtedly there are those who lost as much or more and never posted about it.

      Your response is "they haven't lost until they sell." You fail to acknowledge that some are forced to sell at a staggering loss because they need money. Emergencies happen, you know. We now have our resident 73-year-old man cheerleading daily. Let's see what happens.

      Louis Straney, in his fine book, Securities Fraud, points out that the actual sums lost in stock frauds are nothing compared to the incalcuable human costs that such activities bring in their train.

      I'm planning to write Jeremy when I have a moment.

    • Thanks for the offer, but I'm not interested.

      My point was simple: in the past Positron has stated that Pharm-Assist can handle "most kits". Are you telling me I'm mistaken about this? In the new PR it states that PA is an FDG device.

      I'm only suggesting that it signals a change in sales strategy, nothing more.

      It sounds as if you might have other matters you wish to discuss. Is there something else on your mind?

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