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  • golfn007 golfn007 May 11, 2012 10:15 AM Flag

    $6.37 bottom

    although i have great respect for realsportfisherman --- and my witchin' rods did cross over that solo $5 bill, any price in the low to mid 6's seems like a good long term buying opp.

    i'm recomendin' we all start actin' like them there catfish out back in my pond and start a little bottom feedin' ! hehe, haha.

    lazyazz southern europeans and financial collapse are the only fly in the ointment that could change the direction of valuable commodities like fishmeal and fishoil.

    if the one fella that posted bout no fish in the gulf is correct, then that could be a local fly in the ointment for the OmegaBoyz.

    can anyone validate if Daylybrook company fishing stoppage is true ? - being private company, that's not inside info. does OME have to report it's catch with US Coast Guard or any other govt entity ?


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    • any of you young Wall Street whippersnappers got an opinion on the upcoming earnings call ? based on the one fella who posted the link to fishmeal prices, there appears to be a $300-4000 rise this year. considering that OmegaP says they caught more tons than ever so far this year, a body might reckon that they are sellin' all that new fishmeal at these high prices. if thats the case, wouldn't all $300 of that price = net profit ? and if thats the case, can we assume 1/4th of the normal annual production (>100,000 tons) or 25,000 quarterly tons is getting $300 more in profit ? that would be $7.5MM in extra quartely profit. i'm just a novice, and i'm sure losts of things could eat away at the $7.5 million --- guess i'm' just asking for someone smarter than me to do the calculation.

      Boyne, MI golf - a nice place to go in July. it was warmer than normal, but still 15 degrees cooler than HotLanta.

    • Nice call ! (pulled and arm muscle patting myself on the back since no one else is doing it form me ) hehe haha.

      May 11th was golfn's prediction of a $6.37 bottom. Up $1 in only 6 weeks.

      obviously a majority of the breakout has just been this week - and yet not a peep from this msg board.

      whadda you folks thinkin' ?

    • i had a couple years in a one room schoolhouse back in the 50's before big govt helped us backwoods folks with a multi-room brick building .... i remember the teacher having the word of the day on the chalk board upon arrival every morning.

      For today's OME class, the word of the day is Accumulation. And everyone will be required to use it in a sentence .... "Yes 'golfie" said Ms Effingham, "i see your had raised, what is your sentence?"

      Accumulation of OME stock is evident in 2x volume only 2/3 of the way through the trading day and is a result of some out of touch investors final recognizing higher global fishmeal prices.

      and in verb form: Those that accumulate OME stock are making my preduction of the $6.37 bottom a reality.

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      • i reckon somebody is trying to make a liar outta me ...

        stock down on only 50% of normal volume.

        one of our other Yahoo posters was nice enough to send me an email indicating fishmeal and fishoil are getting stronger by the day.

        so unless that 'johnson' fella who posted that the gulf fish are low in oil (and protein?) ..... i gotta feelin the NYSE floor specialist is just lettin' it fall.

        somebody tell me otherwise if my figurin' is off.

        Boyne, MI here i come - a little July golf in the upper P is just around the corner.

    • this board ain't no more active than my Georgia Hound dog on a hot July morning after a night of treein' coons.... reckin' i'll just be talkin' with meself.

      Today's volume 2x average, market down a little and stock is up a little. I stick to the bottom call made previously, we are headed back to $8 by the next earnings call.


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