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  • sgarri7777 sgarri7777 Mar 12, 2004 4:16 PM Flag

    Class Action Law Suit

    Hey moron 2 x 3 million = 6 million.
    I'm not a lawyer but you may think about refiling.

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    • Listen here you little nuget of puke
      any moron can day trade. I do it all the time that is just maintenance.
      but no body is pulling the wool over my eyes.
      just paste and copy the insider sales as of 2004 unto xcell and total. You will add up
      $66,237,171.00. In less then 3 months!!!

      if that doesn't phase you, you must be opiated with that chump change you're so elated with,
      another thing you could do is stick your head where the sun don't shine and squeeze till the rest of you just splashes. And i'm not mad just factual.

      • 2 Replies to rmcpdr
      • Your caps lock key is on. Kinda like the idiot who is in the passing lane with the left blinker still on. If your in the market and bitching about losing money your a pussy.
        Deal with it. Everyone else does.

      • Can you please post where you are getting that large of insider sales. We know its high, but those figures go way beyond my imagination right now. So far, the only insiders (which some have pointed out is debatable as to the term) I am aware of selling is M&G and they had 8 million shares back in September and may have been increased by another 2 million. Even if that were the case, thats only 10 million shares. I do not see how it is possible for 67 million dollars. Please post your source and I would like to take a look as I am sure others would as well. If you do not know how to paste the link, please let me know and I will help. Thanks!

    • Please pardon the shock of those numbers, my shouting and the plumbing. As long as I have two cheeks to turn it was my obligation to do so and i sliped up.

      sorry sgarri7...

      It's not the losses that bothered me that will always come and go. As a trader losses are a vaccination to me. but I will contol my quest for the elusive justice.

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