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  • eqivacation eqivacation May 18, 2004 10:07 AM Flag


    Tegal down big on very light volume lately. Same for LPTH. One might want to read message 71452 on LPTH and a few others that follow. Not saying anymore. They are going to get their money one way or another and the more hints given out the longer this thing stays on the bottom and we all wait. Run silent, run deep.

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    • $133.30-$9.99=123.31

    • learn math first

    • No they don't.... these are corporate accounts.... they only show 100 shares but its instantly refreshed for a bigger lot... when that bigger lot is gone they re-enter a new lot.... hence, sometimes the stock pops for a few seconds but then when the lot is re-entered right back down... that type of activity on Level II (and this is what has been happenning) is a give away for one large seller....

    • No way.... first, those shares are restricted... the simplus shares are still restricted for instance...

      And, first der. shares are going to many people... this is one single person selling based on the pattern...

      Plus, people who get restricted shares in a buy-out usually buy the long term story of the acquiring company.... you would only rush to sell if you thought the company was in trouble, and why would you agree to be acquried by someone in trouble.... no, acquiring companies rarely have any significant downard pressure on the stock price... usually its hedge funds arbritraging (spelling) the price on bigger deals.... no... plus, like I said... f.d. shares are restricted for the next 6-12 months.

    • What advantage is there in selling 100 blocks? Don't they get charged for each transaction?

      For instance, 100 at 1.33 = 13.33, let's say they get charged what I get charged for each trade (9.99), that leaves 3.34 profit on 100 shares.

      In order for this to work, the seller would have had to have picked up his shares at 0.033 cents each to break even.

    • I say this is the first derivative shares moving through. Same last week. It is why we are at this price. WHat do yo think?

    • Same seller.... still not exhausted, lets see if this is his limit or if he drops the ask again on the next down day....

    • I haven't watched Level II since last week, but CIBC is acting like CINN did last week... I wonder if we are selling through CIBC now? Either way.... until this stock can move past 1.35 for more then the 20 seconds it takes to reload the ask I am not convinced that the seller is gone.... here we are at another round number with an inexhaustable amount of shares to sell.... 10,000 shares have been picked up at the ask in the last 5 mins but the sells to share havent decreased and cibc sits at 100 on the ask....

    • I must have missed that.... the questions from the individual investors were all weak and non memorable from the feb CC.... if he is asking questions at CC then he doesn't have a significant % of the company... or as you have indicated is not on the same side as managment, but why would anyone invest in a small cap to a large extent and not be friends with those at the company? Sounds like the exact opposite of what happens in the valley....

    • That I can't coment on. However, I distinctly recall at the Feb. CC Mr. Hirschman posing a question. (It seemed more like a prodding)
      I had the impression by the way Parodi called on him that Mr. Parodi was not very happy with either the question or the poser. He answered wtih the typical blah blah we are good stuff.

      Something is up there. I haven't a clue what.

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