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  • eqivacation eqivacation Oct 5, 2012 2:52 PM Flag

    No Conspiracy.

    Ah, Excuse Me! I'll say it again, EXCUSE ME! You don't know this company! It has done a "reverse spit" on the shareholders, not once, but twice!!!!! And the last one was 1 for 12!!! The one prior to that was a 1 for 5!!! So it got worse after the first one! Food for thought here! Not the kind you can eat. Food that can only be taken externally! There is a reason their headquarters is not far from Wall Street and Mayor Bloomberg visited it recently. There is a reason why "they" tried to get my Yahoo account yanked from me to silence me. This thing is nothing but a pump and dump machine. Some would say a scam. Well, there is good news for you bag holders now. The first pump and dump is over, but there will be another one! Trust me! Then you can get out and never look back! The secret to when it will arrive? When the spread between the bid and ask prices grows so they can get shares cheap on the way down and discourage others from buying it. Then poof the price shoots up to the sky just like it did this week. Our fathers of this country would be rolling their eyes at you! They had to wait to see the whites of the eyes of the enemy before shooting. You guys shoot your mouth off over nothing, and "they" are laughting all the way to the Wall Sreet Bank just down the street! EQ

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