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  • green_side_up green_side_up Jan 2, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    CLRX Needs the Following:

    CLRX needs:

    1) new market makers
    2) an investment banker
    3) a deeper management team - like a COO who knows the healthcare industry backwards and forwards
    4) new institutional shareholder support - management needs to get out on the road and tell the story
    5) a healthcare focused VC partner - This is, after all, an early-stage company, and Thomas Mika needs all the help he can get given his track record.
    6) more partnership deals
    7) a more robust therapy finder product
    8) a shareholder call to discuss business strategy, revenue model and product/service pipeline

    I want to know what the heck is going on!

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    • You could have just said simply "It needs an enema!" EQ

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      • Mika's compensation is roughly 10% of the CLRX market cap, so he's being EXTREMELY well compensated. As for Karis, I don't count a former co-CEO who's been relieved of his duties as really being a member of the Board. That was done to be nice. He'll be moving on to other pastures soon enough. The Board could certainly use a big hitter within the healthcare industry. That's obvious.

        There is a serious lack of management operating talent at the company. There's Mika and the rest of the team is primarily research people. So, CLRX absolutely needs more management depth.

        As for the product/services, there's a VERY impressive medical network, a potential great tool in the Therapy Finder provided it gets massive distribution and becomes a real tool for healthcare providers and consumers, and a data / information service for moleclar diagnostics - which is both vague and big potential. I'm impressed with getting a deal with Everyday Health, as it's a major industry website, but the Therapy Finder on the website is for only one cancer indication (not sure why that's the case) and the location on the website leaves a lot to be desired. Total Revenue the last quarter was very small, so they likely got very little upfront for this deal. Hopefully, there's a per utilization revenue model for this tool. Now, the LIFE Technologies deal could probably be VERY big if the revenue is based on each molecular diagnosis. We just have no idea what the revenue model is right now. But, again, given the low level of last quarter's revenue, we know it wasn't much up-front. Not the worst trade-off when dealing with the major player in genetics / DNA research. But, still...shareholders need some understanding.

        This stock is trading at cash value, although CLRX burned over $1 million of cash last quarter, so they have about 6 quarters left of cash, including the 4th quarter just ended. I want to know where the cash is going to be used and what the plan is for the next capital raise. Again, if they raise funds with Bessemer Partners, for example, I'd be very happy. This stock needs institutional support and more volume.

    • It would have been easier to list what they have so far. MIKA! That's it! Your wish list will bring only one thing while Mika is in charge. DILUTION! Oh, maybe one more thing. SHARE PRICE NOSE DIVE! Don't listen to "Ver#$%$_um" either. He is tagged into mgmt. He was spouting off all positives for many years while Mika ran the company into the ground. Remember when Mika claimed solar was the next BIG thing? Well guess what? It wasn't! Except of course in terms of Tegal writeoffs it was! Once a bad egg always a bad egg. This thing is a bad egg! As Ernie Larsen, God rest his soul once said "If nothing changes, nothing changes!" Amazing how people here defend Mika inspite of his track record and say I am to blame! Yah right! It's all my fault! I control Tegal. I diluted it and ran the share price down. I fired all the good people that were brought on board over the years. I spent all the money! I paid myself stock option grants and lived off the company at the share"holers" expense! EQ

    • CLRX also needs to replace the Existing Board of Directors with guys who have Big Data and BioPharma experience. NOBODY has the required industry experience. That is truly unbelievable!

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      • Dear Greenside: Sorry about the suggestion that you apply for a job there, it was unwarranted. I was seriously trying to respond to a portion of your comment.

        However, beware, you are judged by the company you keep - welcome to the world of Tegal message board misfits, starring LZR and EQ.

        Happy New Year!

      • green_side_up

        Pay no attention to the rants of veredictum (VD). VD is a well known Mika supporter and admirer. VD usually drives by the message board a few times a year and drops stink bombs on those that criticize Thomas Mika or the company he runs. Your comment, “Thomas Mika needs all the help he can get given his track record” have put you squarely in VD’s cross hairs. Your analysis of CLRX must be close to the truth if VD felt force to post.

        Don’t try and debate VD on issues ‘cause VD will not debate. Insults are VD’s game and Mika is all that matters. Just click on VDs name in his message to get a flavor for VD’s style. The common denominator between TGAL and CLRX is Thomas Mika and that’s why VD is here. Could Thomas Mike be VD in disguise?

        Take care

      • Why don't you apply for a job there, since you seem to know exactly what to do? BTW, Karis is still on the board and a consultant. Is he not good enough for you? And look up Krauss, also on the board, also a VC in health care.

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