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  • dickgasinu dickgasinu Feb 11, 2013 3:20 PM Flag


    We get the first comments from the"CEO" since the LIFE deal. I am really frighened, iIf todays price movement is any indication iIt may be like the movie "AS GOOD AS IT GETS"!!!!!! If the last press release from Feb 7th is any indication----- Tell me I am wrong???. 6k shares here at 3.70.

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    • Ya this horse has the wrong jockey on it. Bleeding it dry with his fat salary. Clown has all of jan to release a pr when mkt is running hot and he waits till feb. Unfortunate. I see they have a pr firm, they should be canned, ofc probably related or buddies with ceo as everyone else seems to be.

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      • The recent stock performance has been awful and this call is extremely serious. Everyone who owns the stock should sign in to the live conference call and ask serious questions to this Management team. Thomas Mika has lost money for shareholders for a long, long time. Tegal went public, selling 4.1 million shares at $12 per share (so a $49.2 million public float valuation...doesn't include the remaining shares outstanding) plus many stock offerings, reverse stock-splits, failed acquisitions. The nerve of this CEO to get paid as much as CLRX is worth, net of the cash, is OBNOXIOUS.

        These are questions that need answers:

        1) Where is the cash being spent?
        2) How come a Chief Operating Officer, with a strong track record, hasn't been hired, especially after James Karis left?
        3) Why should you (Thomas Mika) get paid ($600k in compensation in 2011 according to Forbes) as much in compensation as CLRX is worth if you net out the cash?
        4) When does the LIFE deal begin to generate revenue?
        5) Why is it taking so long to develop next generation Therapy Finder for all cancer indications?
        6) What is the business plan for the rest of 2013 and what is the 2013 Budget?
        7) Who is the company's investment banker, and what is the plan for capital needs?
        8) What other products and services will be offered?
        9) Why hasn't management purchased stock given the super cheap valuation if the opportunity is $1 billion+?
        10) Has management been on a roadshow, doing one-on-one meetings with healthcare-focused institutional investors? And if not, then why not?
        11) What is the status of intellectual property on the CLRX software?
        12) Where can additional revenue-generating partnerships come from and is the company working on any of these?
        13) What is the need/plan for additional hires to generate revenue?
        14) Why should existing shareholders believe in the CEO and the Board of Directors given all the terrible investments that Tegal has made over the years, most of which have been written down substantially or written off entirely?
        15) Why do you deserve to continue to be CEO and Chairman given your terrible track record and major loss of valuation for shareholders?

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