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  • proforma000 proforma000 Jun 3, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    Just need to get this name in front of some more institutional investors...

    ... exiciting call

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    • Agree. Maybe they can act like a "firing" squad on Mika. Mika has had everyone "hoodwinked" for many years. Time has come for him to wear the blindfold. He had no experience in solar, yet bought a business in that industry and trashed it. He had no semi experience except with the numbers as a CPA, yet sold off all of that business off. Now he holds himself and Tegal out as experienced management?! OMG! The only "experience" he has is buying companies and losing money, other people's money. And now he is a medical experience guy? Oh ya, he's good at that too! Companies on life support while he "manages" them! Watch the talented people in the medical fields soon bolt for the doors once they figure out who he really is. This thing has a long way to go before any institution is going to buy in now just before someone buys in at a huge discount on a secondary right around the corner. Dream on! EQ

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      • EQ, I didn't hear you ask a question on the last earning call. In fact, the only thing I know is that you still post on here after you lost $45,000 investing in Tegal. I'm sorry you lost that money, and I can certainly appreciate your disdain for Mika. But, I think you are more worried that CLRX will actually become successful, and that you won't make your money back and then some. So, to prevent that situation, and make yourself feel justified or better, you feel a need to continue to bash management. I'm not saying you are wrong, and the historical record certainly justifies much of what you say, but I would argue that Mika has finally found a business that matches his background. Sometimes businesses don't work out and mistakes are made. That's why quarterly conferences take place, so you can keep abreast of business developments and operating performance. You can buy or sell any company at any time. Does Mika need more help at the senior management level to take this to a $500 million firm...yes. Is he open to adding Board seats, yes, as he stated publicly on the earnings call. We're talking about a $6.0 million enterprise value company, net of cash. That valuation is microscopic and ridiculous. Do you really think that if CLRX was going the VC route and had just raised a Series B financing round, the firm would be valued at $6 million with its deals? No freaking way! Deals are being signed (you can't argue that LIFE isn't a great partner...they alone justify the product offering), the demand to sift through all of the genetic testing / genetic data / clinical trial work / and drug development is enormous and increasingly complex, exponentially so (as I have gathered from polling several leading physicians about this), and the services being provided are test agnostic. There will be millions of tests run in coming years...even if CLRX captures 1% of test revenue, it will be huge business, as some tests costs $3,000 each. Don't be so pessimistic!

      • The next quarterly will tell the tale of the tape. I am out if the growth story is not there, but so far management has been executing as promised. It is quietly going up since the past earnings report. The volume is so light, but someone is accumulating. I detest the fact that they do not post financials with partnership reports. Makes me suspicious that they are not inking lucrative deals. But additional partnerships may really move this and this could become a great trading vehicle over the next 3 months. With a low float like this you never know...

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Management said on the call that they are meeting with institutions. We'll need to watch the stock volume to see if we get some actual institutional buying, although any institution is likely to buy in small lots given the extremely low float. Any real interest (and there were some institutional investors on the call) will drive the stock much higher. More likely, if management gets enough interest during these meetings, they will announce a small Secondary Offering. They are doing a pretty good job at controlling costs, but, they only have 4 quarters of cash left, so a Secondary is likely.

      FYI, some guy at BG Capital (I think) was on the call and said the valuation was $15 idea where he got that number. There are 1.9 million shares outstanding with 2.6 million on a Fully Diluted Basis. At $3.45 stock price, that is an equity value of $9.0 million (fully diluted). If you take out the cash ($4.0 million) and add the debt ($500k promisory note) as disclosed on the March 30th Balance Sheet, you get an Enterprise Valuation for CLRX of $5.5 million.

      The call was good. I like the fact that CLRX is speaking with institutions, that they are open to adding to its Board of Directors, that they are controlling costs, and no one can argue that they signed some promising deals during the quarter, particularly with GeneInsight.

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