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  • davekauppi Jul 8, 2014 1:41 PM Flag

    Just Went to see what is going on

    I bought this stock on the thesis that as the government cracked down on shale gas flaring, solutions would present themselves creating investment opportunities. Of course since I bought this stock, it has gone down by 30%. I missed the first run up. Anyway, I live 20 minutes away from their facility and woke up early this morning so I decided to take a road trip. My plan was to go out early and scope out the place and then go to have breakfast and come back at 8:30 to see all the workers show up. My plans were foiled. I showed up at 7:10 am and the parking lot was completely full. Also it looked like they had annexed a couple of adjacent buildings to provide additional capacity. I am no Wall Street Analyst, but this is as close as I can get to a channel check. I know the oil and gas part of their business is growing, but it seems that it might be growing very fast. Any thoughts from others on this.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • How do we know one of the adjacent buildings wasn't a Holiday Inn hosting the annual comics convention and that explains all the cars?

    • Great job Dave! I have used the same tactic in helping me make some of my best investment decisions. Peter Lynch would be very proud of you! That said, I am in the opposite position of you as far as entry point into PSIX. I have recently taken profit, with the intention of being able to re-purchase again later at a lower price. I did not totally exit my position because I know that I am not that smart, and PSIX could make a quick U-turn. The ending of the flaring of methane at the wellhead in 2015, has to be thousands upon thousands of wellhead opportunities. PSIX has to be on many radar screens.

      Good luck and average down at some point.

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