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  • nhayden nhayden Sep 21, 2000 12:40 AM Flag

    New Directions?

    recent news implies that the Company will try to
    go more leading edge molecular biology and genomics
    course. Previously this was a basic roll-up shop.Buy
    revenues on the cheap and peddle the products better.
    There was some internal new product generation, but
    that appears to be slowing and Motto will never expand
    R&D budgets. And lets face it Cincinnati is not the
    mecca of biotech breakthroughs. So let's see how the
    new course unfolds and let Motto himself ante up.

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    • KITS reports a pre tax loss of $1,625,000 (11
      cents/share) but income of $1,908,000 (13 cents/share) for the
      fourth quarter. How can they have a tax benefit of
      $3,533,000 (24 cents/share)? These fokes not only can't grow
      the top line, they can't add. The KITS story is not

    • Stocks do poorly without mutual funds actively
      buying the shares. Funds use computerized winnowing to
      eliminate companies which show revenue growth less than 15%
      from the year ago quarter. KITS has delivered single
      digit growth numbers for several years and is not a
      contender anymore. Look at the older posts on this board
      and a long term chart of the stock price then KITS
      story will come sharply into focus.

    • The company has announced earnings to come this
      Thursday. Their 4 Q #'s are generally the strongest so I
      expect that they will break .50/share. At .50/share,how
      can this stock not trade above $10/ share? Go

    • The medical technology indices are very strong
      and have not declined with the tech sector. The
      problem is owning KITS stock is one sure way to have this
      investment opportunity pass us by without making a penny.
      The revolution is here but the single digit sales
      numbers consign us to the dust bin.

    • What a difference the dividend makes. While I
      push my tired old Kia Sephia down the hill to start it
      CEO Motto is in Soho for select art pieces. Rumor has
      it he stayed at the Regent Wall Street where Greek
      Revival puts one in the proper mood. While dining at the
      Black Pearl on deconstructed suckling pig he exclaimed
      the Louis Jadot Meursault 97 to be nutty, toasty and
      fruity with the kind of rare depth one seldom
      encounters. As long as his dividend check shows comes in the
      mail this lifestyle will continue.

    • A growth stock that failed to meet expectations.
      I have called the company and they do buy into the
      fantasy that the stock is overlooked and undervalued. How
      this idea gained traction is beyond me. The facts are
      on this board and if any corroboration is needed the
      Red Chip Review has a 9-27-00 report easily available
      for $15. The Meridian website has an analyst with a
      buy rating on KITS but it is tainted. Tucker Cleary
      is most probably a third rate underwriter looking
      for future business from Meridian. They get 9% of the
      next offering so a little analyst coverage is a small
      price to pay.

    • The news seems good, lots of impressive looking
      releases. If this company had delivered double digit
      revenue growth KITS stock would sell for $20 a share.
      Until we get double digit top and bottom lines all the
      press releases are meaningless. I know the playbook all
      too well. This is a good company but they need to
      find higher growth product lines. Single digit revenue
      growth is the real reason why the stock has done nothing
      since 1996.

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      • Mr Morris, an analyst at Red Chip Review put out
        a Sept. 27 report on Meridian Diagnostics. What is
        interesting is that my posts for the last six months and the
        report conclusions are a close match. Single digit top
        line growth is not "growth" by any objective standard.
        The biotech initives will do nothing for the near
        future. Nothing good has happened for shareholders since
        the summer of 96. Sure they did a good job with Gull
        but slipping into single digit revenue negated any
        possible shareholder value from that acquisition. The 1999
        annual report crows about shareholder value, we are
        still waiting. The company has made several flattering
        comments about it's sales and distribution network. What
        kind of salesforce cannot do better than single digit
        revenue growth, especialy the North American sales
        operation group?

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