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  • InvestorUSA InvestorUSA Oct 4, 2000 8:10 PM Flag

    New Directions?

    You're absolutely correct as we've discussed...
    unfortunately, our major stockholder/CEO and the management
    team, not to mention the Board, are apparently happy
    with this unacceptable track record. Or at least,
    we've not heard anything to the contrary from them...

    Obviously, I'm praying that Motto adopts a new MOTTO...
    "Target 15/20/25 ASAP"... 15% revenue growth, 20% net
    earnings as a % of sales and 25% return on stockholders'
    equity with ASAP no latter than FY2003! Major steps must
    be taken now to move us in this direction... subject
    for annual meeting!

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    • A sort of lifestyle the dividend provides for
      Motto insulates him from a dismal stock performance
      this company has turned in. The #2 executive owns no
      stock, a smart move. The only wake up call will be when
      the next secondary issue does not raise enough
      capital to support their plans.

      If your targets
      were achieved the stock would be worth 4 times todays

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      • At last year's annual meeting, Motto raised hell
        with investors who were driving the price of
        technology stocks to ever new highs while value stocks
        continued in a very depre$$ed state... he referred to KITS
        as a prime example of a grossly undervalued

        Well Mr. Motto, your baby is even more undervalued by
        your line of thinking... it's now time to focus on the
        real i$$ues and get out of your dream world... TARGET
        15/20/25 ASAP... repeat after me... TARGET 15/20/25 ASAP,
        TARGET 15/20/25 ASAP, TARGET 15/20/25 ASAP, TARGET
        15/20/25 ASAP... got it now?

        TARGET 15/20/25

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