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  • myownstimulusplan myownstimulusplan Sep 29, 2010 8:20 AM Flag

    If this is true why is PRXM dying???

    Please explain since this and other Proxim releases say their customers think PRXM solutions are the best and the cheapest why are we not getting news of installations (SALES)daily? We know the growth of mobile devices is HUGE demand is not the problem.

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    • Yeah,they all make promises to keep you in dark as long as possible.Even bancrupt company management will try to keep your hope alive.Mixing hope and common sense rarely works in this environment.Departuring CEO is leaving with my hope.Now I'm hoping for miracle.

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      • The Punjab Engineering College (PEC) University of Technology in Chandigarh, India, has deployed Proxim's Wi-Fi mesh equipment to provide a secure wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) for its residential faculty areas. The university selected Proxim after evaluating several products and determining that adding centralised WLAN switches was cost prohibitive. As a result, they deployed Proxim's ORiNOCO(R) AP-4000MR-LR and AP-4900MR-LR products to create a dependable and secure wireless mesh network that could provide the high-performance access needed throughout the residential areas.
        "The Wireless Mesh Network was required to be deployed as a part of a sponsored project from the Indian Government in order to perform experiments relating to the draft 802.11s standard and hence for conducting real time experiments, testing and validation of results," said Prof. Divya, Chief Investigator of the sponsored project at PEC University of Technology. "With this mesh, we are able to deploy secure, scalable and reliable wireless connectivity which was much needed."
        The project was funded by a grant that was awarded to PEC University of Technology by the Department of Information Technology in the Ministry of Communications & IT of the Government of India.

        "In addition to serving as an experimental testbed, the university's wireless mesh network is also being used for providing wireless connectivity to the faculty residential areas of PEC University of Technology. Such a network can then be replicated for other solutions such as wireless video surveillance in nearby cities, WISPs, and city-wide wireless networks," said Dr. Sanjeev Sofat, Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, PEC University of Technology.
        "We are grateful to the Indian Government for providing the research grant to test and validate the mesh network and to showcase the technology at our campus," said Dr. Manoj Datta, Director, PEC University of Technology.

    • "Proxim releases say their customers think PRXM solutions are the best and the cheapest"
      Than we all should sleep soundly.There are many rich sponsors waiting in line to come to the rescue and make a bundle for themselfs.Or just maybe PRXM is out of touch with reality.The third possibility is that in present state of this sector/all eyes are on LTE/ other companys are undercutting PRXM's market share/if there is any left/ trying to survive.
      Having best technology doesn't guarante your success if you don't have enough money to survive bad times.