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  • joey.blowie joey.blowie Mar 20, 2012 10:05 PM Flag


    AND COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS SCAM. TELL THEM TO OUT LAW REVERSE SPLITS FOR THESE FRAUD PRODUCTS! this PO junk, is in buisness for one reason, to separate you from your hard earned money! imo this is border line fraud! if this product and how it tracks can't be explained, they shouldn't be allowed to offer it! years ago the US government had the insurance co's come out with plain lanquage on policies! so why can't they pin these ETF scam deals to the same standard! again put SEC into your address bar, and follow the instructions! you'll be helping all the poor people who got scammed by this junk ETF!
    and to think the american people bailed these scam artists out! again, tell them no more reverse splits, let it go to zero, so more people can't get pulled in!

    uvxy-11/25/11 = $146.
    12/29/11 = $70.74
    1/31/12 = $41.
    3/6/12 = $36.78
    3/20/12 = $19.74!
    the above 3's rep. the after split prices!
    and on 11/4/11 when started. was $240!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if this isn't a scam/fraud, i don't know what is! how are they allowed to stay in buisness!
    and for these losers who say it was designed to go to zero, if there allowed to go to zero fine, but they'll never go to zero if they are allowed to reverse split! jmo

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