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  • speeter1 speeter1 Mar 23, 2012 11:36 AM Flag

    Hey Vulture, how's that $9 buy of TVIX working out?

    Hey sport, guess your not so smart after all huh?

    You obviously are a big time arrogant amatuer who's all talk because if you truly were smart, you would have NEVER touched TVIX yesterday until AFTER reissuance! Anyone with HALF a BRAIN knows TVIX was going to crash another 20% after CS decided to reissue.

    Oh, and were so smart you bought MORE TVIX at $8. Wow, now you are averaging down just like all the other sucker longs.

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    • bumpp

    • greetings speeter,

      well after anouther crash i sold my VIX type of efts/etn's this morning

      now with TVIX at 7.15 ()nav 6.94 its not that much of a premium anymore you think this is a good entry point for a speculitive play?

      As for UXVY it did what is supposed to today and went down 2x vix or close to it. I think you had a target of 13-15 fo this. Well @ mid 15's you think its a good entry point?

      I am hungry to get back that 10% that was lost in my previous trades but also dont want to put my neck to far out there.

      I have come to respect your viewpoints on these as you seen to be spot on...

      Just looking for your viewpoint i know the balls in my court when it comes to my $$


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      • I was doing XIV vs. VXX chart comparison this afternoon on a 1-year, day chart.

        The last major XVV/XIV reversal was in June '11 and the two products were < 0.8 points away from each other.

        If you look at the current XVV @ ~17.3 and the XIV ~12.25, I believe the 14.5 - 14.4 range is where we're going to see a significant reversal.

        This would be a ~16% pullback on the VXX and ~17% upside on the XIV. Since UVXY is moving, or at least supposed to be, 2x the VXX, there's a chance for ~32 pullback still on the UVXY.

        If this theory works out, I think a 11.34-10.62 entry point on the UVXY would be ideal. These points represent a 27.5%-32.2% pull back off of today's UVXY close.

        Obviously, any type of political or economic issue can arise and today throw these numbers off.

        Based on the performance of UVXY, this range is certainly reachable next week.

        Since it was a spread of .8 points on the last reversal,

      • i do feel that my other postions will make up for that 10% in time but with these things getting so wacked a reversal is due right??

    • bumpp

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