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  • daytrader_hc daytrader_hc Apr 20, 2012 9:48 PM Flag

    I am an compulsive day trading addict.. What is the solution ???

    Now I am just over $357 from my $25,000 day Trading Requirement. 3 years ago lost all on FAZ and SOXS. In last four years I have lost my house, car and every cash I have and incurred loans just to continue my trading compulsive habit. I trade on emotion, everyday day as market opens at 9:30 AM I will take huge maximum allowed position with my day trading buying power, sometimes even on pre market. I am an addicted compulsive gambler, went to counseling but never recovered. Why I am addicted to SHORT??? Always expect bad thing will happen, because maybe I lost all in 2000 crash, when I was 100% long, and never knew what is SHORTING. What is the solution for this, my family life is miserable, I just cannot stay away from market. When will this finish??????? My life is miserable..... Now I don’t know what next Monday will bring to me....Even i get lucky on Monday I know for sure I will be doing it again next day. If lose will find to take a loan or use my paycheck to continue this.
    God bless.

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    • The first rule is don't talk about a winning strategy on a message board. You want to stay a winner.

    • i like to share with you what i am doing.
      stop buying any stock for investment from now
      buy 200 tza,uvxy when market spikes around 200
      short tza or uvxy when market red around 200 points
      short 200 x when it spikes 6%+
      buy 200 fas when is down about $4.00 around 4 pm
      buy 200 faz when fas $4.00 up around 4 pm
      i short uvxy,x,
      i play only fas,faz edc,zsl,exk,uvxy,tvix,tza
      i do swing trade because i do not have $25000.00 ,
      on thursday i shorted uvxy $17.07,then covered on friday $15.71,then bought 200 tza $18.69 will
      sell mon
      this plan work for me,GL

    • Hold your tvix until this summer and sell it for 77.00 make a quick 280.000.00 Don't get scared out of this trade by reading these message boards. Think of how you will feel if you sell now and have to watch it pop.Don't listen to all the noise, shut off CNBC too.Tvix is ready to blast off anytime now. Don't listen to that moron telling you to kill yourself, hang in there just a little bit longer my friend.

    • Quit shorting and buy some SLB ,DE ,GE ,WFC , XOM, AAPL, GOOG ,AMZN ..... then take a long vacation to Panama City and get laid every night and then check back on your investments in about a year and i`m sure you will be pleased !!! Theres no such thing as addiction it`s just lack of will power and self discipline .Man up and get a life outside of trying to get an adrenaline rush off trading stocks every day. Buy a Harley ,get laid ,go bungy jumping or sky diving . There`s lots of other ways to get that rush you crave and some are a whole lot cheaper!!!

    • I would put a gun to my head. Pull the trigger. Over in less than a second and no more pain.

    • To me it sounds like you are just a gambling addict and less of a day offense at all. I obsess over money (probably to an unhealthy level, its all i think about) but I have never paid a bill late and i have never looked at any form of my day trades, long positions, or options as anything other than needed income. I am conservative with my investing and take many small gains.....often when if i held i would make far more money. The point is, if you day have to look at it as income. IF YOU CANT be realistic dont trade. I would try to train myself to realize what i am doing is treating stocks like a casino. Rethink your strategy, and be disciplined. If you want to be "short" than short both 3x direxion in equal positions. Good luck

    • Uh, close your account, maybe?
      Or, have a good friend pick your investments (all long), get real drunk and then call in and change your password and PIN so you won't remember them.
      Or, and I don't advise this, short volatility funds/notes like UVXY and TVIX, because apparently, according to others, there is no way you can lose because of decay and contango.
      Or, best advice of all, don't get your investment/trading advice or make those decisions based on what is posted/discussed on a Yahoo message board.

      The last is my favorite, the next to last is just a joke.

    • YOU are not alone. Im right there with you and it sucks win or lose.

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