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  • tradearchitect101 tradearchitect101 Aug 9, 2012 1:50 PM Flag



    Is a former bagholder that is just taking their aggression out on those still trading it.

    get a life you f'n lost your shorts now walk away and let the big boys play the game the right way with your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I was a bag holder. I'd never held for more than 2 days but had position several times. Needless to say it doesn't what level I started the position, all it did was down. Finally I decided to short this thing. I know a lot of people here think market will go down. I think so too. I've been bear since April. But you can't bet against wall street crooks. They're playing with other people's retirement accounts. They don't care about the macro economy. besides, UVXY is design to go to 0. Why would you hold this thing?

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      • I think the only answers to that question are that UVXY "holders" are either lying about holding and just like to troll here (unemployed sponges, college punks on summer break, etc.), eating losses while waiting for the "big one" that never comes - when they should be waiting on the sidelines for the "big one" then getting in, or seriously need to go to gamblers anonymous. Those people don't care that the deck is severely stacked against them. They just like the action of losing 75% - 90% of the time. Except they're not even getting free drinks here. GLTA.

    • I think of all thr people who panic sold on vxx tvix and uvxy, and the MM,s who bought up all og these shares at rock bottom prices.The MM are gigling at all the money they are about to make from the retail panic selling.Once again the big boys clean up and the little people lose their shirts. I still have all of my shares and refuse to sell at a loss. I will be gigling along with the big boys this time.

    • jondow69 Aug 9, 2012 1:52 PM Flag

      hey trade why don't you explain to the audience on how you're able to make money on UVXY, on a daily basis! i'm sure a lot of people would be interested! just ask the watch and learn guy, who had a secrete to making winning trades on UVXY on a regular basis! jmo and g/l.

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