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  • jondow69 Aug 10, 2012 1:11 PM Flag

    I am getting the fawkk out by 1:30pm

    hey big there is NO F'IN volume, so far the SPY has traded 55 million shares, the HFT's own this market, it doesn't take much to push up stocks or bring them down, on these very low volume days. these HFT's and there ALGO , programs, along with the dark pools, can see every trade, they can see the inflow/outflow on a micro second basis, they can juice the #'s quicker then you can react, any way, right when you think you have UVXY figured out, zippo, it does the opposite, buying a thousand shares at say 5.38, with a defined stop is ok imo, i think the market closes lower today, that's just a guess, and i wouldn't hold over night , jmo

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