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  • duydinh_t duydinh_t Sep 8, 2012 8:00 AM Flag

    B. Csky, to answer your email

    Thank you for the recognition of my work. There are many technical gurus out there on UVXY and FAZ message boards. I am not considering myself as technical expert. My work is simple. I wrote programs to test stocks & model them. When a stock passed the tests , I bet with my money. What I shared with you guys were those passed the test, so we'd all make money. So far things work out ok. Sorry, I can't share how the tests are done.

    There is no guarantee in this business. So, if you play, try small bet and diversify your investment and be safe.

    Take care,

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    • duy, thanks for sharing. I haven't put money on your picks yet but from past few weeks the stocks you mentioned have soared. I know you don't want to reveal how the model works but I'm wondering do you consider current news or events in your program. You can decline to answer if don't feel comfortable. I'm just curious because it seems in today's market, a lot of stocks are hugely moved by news.

    • Duy,

      Thanks for taking ur time and responding me. I didn't mean to ask u to explain me ur test or model though. I'd never ask that and never except anyone to share this with me. (especially for free :))) :) I don't think I'm in a level even considering myself to create any models right now. I try to screen stocks based on what I've learnt in college, and some experience. Check things like current Q earnings, annual earning increases, market direction, stock price, liquidity, financial strength etc. Very basic stuff. But I found is by the time this infos are available, it is already too late to make a position, I'm far behind of MMs. I have been reading your posts for a while.. I've noticed whatever ur screening process is ahead of the market and you also include short interest ratio in your model, all stocks that you have recommended at the time had higher than average short interest ratios at the time. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just trying to figure out an initial screening process which could at least get me closer to the MMs time. I'm far behind. I'd appreciate if you could give me some criteria that you think crucial and I must include in my screening process, just a direction not your models. That's all. I totally understand if you don't want to do it as well. You can either share here, send me an email or tell me u can't be bothered. Either way thanks a lot.

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