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  • mctr_dangerfield mctr_dangerfield Jan 5, 2013 8:49 PM Flag

    Why is it shorts who have held from much higher levels think its ok to HOLD A SHORT, BUT

    They try and get LONGS from the BASEMENT to flip there longs daily?

    Things that make you go hmmmmm.
    .p.s. HOLD the Bottom long into the coming STORM...
    p.s.s. New LONG positions from 52 week lows heading into 2013, are good strategic insurance policies with 10X potential. Pure and simple. Shorts talking #$%$ about not holding, are waiting to get a few more nickles from their positions they have held for more than a day. Why the different strategy? Because it will take them a long while to cover, so they need you selling daily.

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    • Go back and read my most recent posts for UVXY. I told people here when it was time to go long for the fiscal cliff, then when it was time to dump after hours. If you followed that advice you would have made 100%.

    • Most of the shorts were once longs. They have learned the hard lesson that trying to predict the end of this UVXY run down can be costly. When I finally see more evidence of the looming disaster that we all know is coming...I will go long. Until then...I will short this dog.

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      • That's what makes a market. I happen to be a long, that was a shorter term long from a higher level. Back then I made a couple quick trades...and opted to move on to other things. I realized that parking here would be dangerous. I placed most of my thesis on the mantra "YOU CAN'T FIGHT THE FED" that time the FED was in full effect pumping and testing its theory on propped up markets leading to wealth effect leading to increased consumption, leading to a sustainable recovery.

        Well its been a few years of this, and none of that theory proved true. Back then I chose not to short because fundamentally I knew we are heading toward a bad place. I'm back because we are further into the thick of the bad place, but more importantly, all the FED dare risk now is smoke and mirrors. It has tried to talk its way to the ill fated "wealth effect"...

        Well numbers don't lie and the "jig is up" so to speak.

        We may still be years away from "THE BOOK OF ELI" but, I sense without the real bond/FED/treasury/Big bank money laundering infusion, reality will descend and nature will take its course. We will see a reversion back to the "volatility index" mean ahead of the climb toward all out panic.

        So from these levels I can be closer to a "strategic holder" then from a couple years back.

        With me?

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    • tis true

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