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  • fiddlinginrome fiddlinginrome Jan 7, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

    Why is it shorts who have held from much higher levels think its ok to HOLD A SHORT, BUT

    Yep...I'm with you. The only difference is our opinion of when the poop will hit the fan. We both know it is coming but the question is when? I have no problem waiting until the VIX takes off to jump in. Longs seem to be hoping to catch the absolute bottom of UVXY but when this house of cards falls, I believe, there will be plenty of upside in UVXY to get on board a little late. Trust me...I'll be with you when that day comes but I have been waiting for this implosion for a long time and it seems that the powers that be still might have a few tricks up their sleeves to delay the inevitable. I'm going to keep making some dough off the smoke and mirrors until America finally wakes up and looks into that mirror and realizes that the smoke is being blown up our collective butts.

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    • I hear you too. In fact this was why I stepped off, because the powers that be, seemingly had unlimited tricks up their sleeve. They collectively miscalculated China's role in their hoped for new world. In fact Russia and China both are not playing well. Add Japan's new administrations decision to part ways with cooperating on the "weak dollar"; a clear choice of "placing themselves" first. The FED and the invincible dollar have always needed world wide accomplices, even when it shouldered the bulk of the load.

      I may be a bit early, and so I'll trade dips to offset the hold. But, my gut has me feel more comfortable parked in "insurance" than continuing to play with the froth of the markets at large. Shorting fear against nature, was a FED assisted play and that would scare me at these levels. Looking at those same charts you all speak of...

      We will meet, on the road to destiny.

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