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  • tezol21 tezol21 Jan 29, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    Just a simple question:

    Why isn't any bad news sink market these days?

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    • jondow69 Jan 29, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

      hey 21,news mean nothing, algo's rule, if they set the computers for risk on we melt up, risk off? we melt down, only idiots cant see whats going on, low volume,HFT's trade 70% of the market, 80% of all stocks move toether, just c/o XLF ETF? go to spyders SPDR etf,find out how many stocks that 1 ETF has in a bundle, a HFT can load up on XLF's sell at the opening drive down most major banks, then rebuy 5 minutes later for big cabbage$$$! in a low volume market, your dealing with professional traders with there ALGO's that can out trade retail saps any time! the SPDR's have a total of 9 etf's ,bottom line this is a machine controlled market,todays action? churning by the algo's, you see the retail saps and suckers watch ads by scottrade and such and actually think you can trade like the pro's,hahahahahahahahahaahah, yeah right! any way, bad news means some thing when CNBC.Bloomberg TV says so, so until the fix is in for the down side, we melt up on low volume, and the algo's are hoping to rope in new saps/suckers for the ride down! UVXY, HOD=11.45, LOD =10.30$ , i wonder how many saps rode this up, didn't sell , now are crying like a soll?????????????????????????????????????????
      ps i bought 1 major bank this morn, its melting up, i hate this market, because in the back of my mind i realize 1 big HFT can sell a bunch of ETF's in a NY minute and bring down the S/P 10-15 pts in 1/2 hour! welp, there ya got it!
      and if you watch CNBC/Bloomberg for tradable advice, hahahahahahah, forget it, 15 minutes before they talk, the wall st guy gets the info, and trades off it, jmo

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Where's the better alternative, bonds? Bonds have been getting monkey hammered. We are seeing the beginnings of a cyclical decline in bonds.

    • it has not for all 2012-be/ us stock market best game and only game in town-I know what u are saying. This is the only answer I can come up w/

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