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  • jondow69 Mar 13, 2013 11:30 PM Flag

    UVXY continues to be a very good Trading product, if one is quick on the key board and pays close attention!

    @ the open UVXY shot down to 8.25,then the S&P dropped, and UVXY pooped,a quick 37 cent gain on a 1K shares. the market is at all time highs and UVXY @ all time lows, good risk reward. UVXY is still a day trading product,always was, always will be! For day traders , be glued to your screen,watch for a pull back in the S&P and a quick pop in the UVXY,either thursday/friday /monday, you will get 1-3 decent trades. be patient, have stops, and pray. Do not hold over night , too risky, but again, the Volume is drying up , today XLF traded 24M shares!That XLF volume was lowest since Dec,24,2012, christmas eve? what does that tell you? only people in this market right now are the HFT's. so keep you eye;s and ears ready,pick your spot,remember tuesday, a very nice trade, people who are patient with UVXY, meaning keep it on your radar,you may just trade it 1-2times a week, you can do very well with UVXY, providing you wait for the right spot, jmo,and remember , do not hold UVXY over night,too risky!jmo
    psps, UVXY is a interday trading product only, do not hold over night 80% of the time UVXY will drop next day! some days its best not to even try to trade UVXY, if the market isn't moving, just melting up/down, not enough momentum is happening, thats when the algo's grind away your $$$$. how do you know? watch for a nice igniting candle,and remember better to come out with a profit, then to see a profit turn into a loss, always book profits, don't turn a winning trade into a losing trade! jmo

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