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  • scleung scleung Apr 15, 2013 6:43 AM Flag

    bustin ur chop

    Bustin: Your comments were noted. I appreciate it. But please keep in mind that most often people are typing here at the same time they are doing other things on the computers (like trading). Someone once said to me, having manner is basically having the skill to beat around the bush. Usually that means you'll end up using more words than it's needed to send a message.

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    • scleung:

      Thank you for acknowledging my message and for the civil discussion. Again, please control your impulse to write off-topic comments that might offend others.

      And, as if on cue, a TROLL follows with this:

      by mytek3806 • 1 hour 34 minutes ago


      What can I say, Scleung? Did mytek miss his junior high school bus this morning??? Is his comment the least bit humorous??? I don't think that I would have found that comment funny even when I was 15 years old...

      Regardless, like fiddler, I'll just have to tolerate this trash but I will choose to share my extensive knowledge of the securities market and options elsewhere. There hasn't been a question raised by you or fiddler the past two weeks that I could not have easily answered; but I chose not to...

      I wish all of you, especially you scleung, be you long or short, the best of luck with your speculations.

      We're out of here until my indignation is sparked again...

      Bustin and gang

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      • Best luck to you as well.

      • Bustin: LOL. I put some of the people on ignore so I didn't see that message. I just have one more thing to say then I guess I'm done with it. Here's the problem that I see with Christians. They think in order to be good Christians, they have to be loyal to the Catholic Church or whatever church they belong to. I don't see it that way. The crooks are running the churches. The members, the way I see it has nothing to do with the people who are running the churches. Likewise, the U.S. government isn't the same as the American people. Fiddle took it personally when I criticized the Catholic Church. Fiddle is a good guy, therefore the people who are running the Catholic Church will NEVER let him be part of the gang.

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