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  • markcusw markcusw May 21, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

    History Repeats

    To all who post here. I would guess that many posters here are my age...50 plus. We have lived through or invested through many market ups and downs. The baby boomers have as well. We all know that history repeats. We have also attempted to take over or take more control of our investments due to the lack of due d of our 401 k programs through the companies we work for. I respect all that post here, except those who post out of hate or gloat. I would suspect that none who post here actually trade as a professional, but trying to make ends meet in retirement.

    We should learn from each other...there are stocks that each of us trade and have had success. How can we make this message board constructive to share good information rather than putting each poster

    History does repeat...the market cannot go from the lower left to the upper right indefinitely. I am not saying that UVXY will benefit from anything other than volatility. But...our country is controlled by the thinking of the east and left coasts. All of us in the middle....we know that there is not a rosy picture. High fuel costs will kill the farmers. Our manufacturing jobs are being created through temp services so not to pay insurance costs and the wages stink. Big banks are opening up credit, but responsible loaning is going out the window again. I have worked in the same manufacturing plant for 32 years. I live in a small community. Our plant was the job everyone wanted. Now we hire through temp services and our turnover is terrible. Why would anyone do physical labor in a hot foundry when you can claim unemployment benefits...ignore your credit card debt....settle for pennies on the dollar and re apply?

    Sound familiar....history will repeat....only I think this time it will be worse than before.

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    • the 401ks are all set up to only gain money in an advancing market .. took me over 4 years to convince our state employee 401k to allow a brokerage account and they picked the wrong one .. schwab .. but at least with that ability i can theoretically make money in a declining market .. i use this vehicle when the mutual funds turn over with a 4% stop loss from the high .. with enough funds i can always catch the acceleration .. despite current frequent trader provisions .. in short i move to a similar correlated fund after 4 % from the bottom .. i don't make the money the instantaneous traders do .. but it keeps from the losses .. i had great success in dpk and other small downturn funds .. i'm still trying to master this puppy .. unfortunately the 401k rules keep from shorting this .. which as king has explained makes "guaranteed" money .. i'm just happy not to have to mark money in money market funds .. looks like i can buy short etfs ..

    • Thanks to all for your posts. Obviously we all live in different parts of the good ole USA...and we have differing points of economic views and political points of views. That is what makes our country great...thank goodness for our forefathers and the Constitution. I am excited about investing...took me 40 years into my 50 year life to understand that I needed to take more control of my financial well being rather than trust it to so called financial experts. I do not or will not pretend to be an expert. I am convinced that neither are the hedge fund managers, managers of mutual funds, Yahoo message board posters, CNBC contributors, Goldman Sachs...on and on.

      We as individual investors can learn from each other. There are many stocks that we each buy and sell and recognize the trends....whether you are a chart investor...timing....seasonal..that we can share. I say this because I have had more success investing simply by recommendation from those who I talk to and share information regarding stocks. Of do not blindly buy on a recommendation...but once you have the can check out the charts...trends and seasonality of the stock. I have learned much about trading UVXY on this board and I have made some money. What I do not understand is why the shorts will not profit from going long and selling and then shorting.

      Even the king said today....cant believe this thing is not popping. I was at work...came home for lunch and the market was way up. I checked at work before market close and sold my entire position in UVXY before we closed. Made a nice profit...but may kick myself tomorrow.

    • ENRON was from Texas and the legislation that lead to it was crafted by the right. You are right energy cost are going to eat away at the quality of life. Blaming the left coast is moronic. You have a limited view which I am sure would be of little value to anyone. You have no understanding about cause and effect. You will continue to be shorn by your political cast.

    • Im 55 - was a young broker sitting at my "quotron" back in 1987 watching the market "melt down" - I may not know anything about the market - BUT one thing I am about 99.9% SURE about is this - VOLATILITY IS GOING TO GO UP FAST ONE DAY - we are already seeing signs of it this year - on days when the market goes UP and so does volatility - its happened 20 something times this year - that's a record - I am buying 100 here and a 100 there since the last couple of weeks - When I see on the FRONT PAGE of the NY Times Business section - "Federal Reserves says stocks cheapest they have been in many years" - That's enough for me to know when to start buying volatility

    • People are fooled by policy makers who are criminal!

    • All true. some good comments from some people thinking a little bit. Unfortunately, the large majority on these message boards are, are mor....ons and don't care about learning anything or sharing anything constructive... Give something to the people that is free and they will destroy it...... much better insightfull message boards are on seeking alpha.......A few things I do not agree with though and I get into arguments with people about are handouts and subsidies.. If you look around, everythbody and every corporation is subsidies is some way, not just the poor that need a little help..... health insurance is subsidies, property taxes are subsidies, corporations are subsidies all the time, the oil industry and tobacco industry is still being subsidies with tax credits and loans..... credit cards is an agreement with two privateparties that the cc compny agrees to loan money out based on information....... if the person has a health problem or the banks bring the economy down and thy can't pay the cc co's.... oh well so what. Banks screwed us. If yu can't pay you cant pay. it's not a moral issue. it's a financial issue.

    • Mark, you make many good points, but there's a couple things I disagree with. Our country's financial situation is improving, albeit not everyone shares the wealth. People are working but the benefits aren't what they used to be. Housing has stablized and is improving (new houses need to be built - plenty of used houses for sale). Oil isn't a problem because demand is still down and more importantly the value of the US dollar is stonger and that is the most major influence in oil prices since oil is bought/sold in US $. It's amazing how the OPEC always said at $90/barrel that is an ideal price and we have been stuck on that price for a couple of years now. I do see the markets going higher, but there are ALWAYS pullbacks...except now. For anyone comparing this market to the 90's, be careful. Back then America's GDP was about 10% and hiring +250K jobs a month. This doesn't compare to that era.

    • Hey Mark, Just want to agree with you. I monitor this board but it's full of BS. When I see how some on this board express their views, I write it off as a lack of education. Sometimes we all get angry and can't hold back the insults, but that should be few and far between. We should respect one another as we are all here to try and make a buck to better our lives and those we love. I think it's ashamed that some people had rather insult others than express their disagreement in a diplomatic manner. I really believe that some on this board think they can influence UVXY by placing fear in others. I really doubt enough investors in UVXY are present on this board to influence this ETF. Thanks for your nice post as they are rare. I wish you the best. We should all remember who wins every time with UVXY...ProShares.

    • Markcusw: Although I understand where you're coming from, I don't share your view. King Richard is doing a great service when he calls people guppies. Likewise, I appreciate the experience that I got during the time when others stepped on me. It was a wake up call. I had a reason to fight and become successful to prove people wrong. Without those people that stepped on me, I probably would still be a loser working for a corporation collecting a weekly paycheck and pray daily that I wouldn't get laid off.

      People should be thanking King Richard for what he's doing. The only downside is that he's doing it too often, it would be better if he could get it a rest a few days in between.

    • Your words are true. The issues here is, the board has to much hate. You should have read some blogs, calling people slander names, one blog to the other. So it's best to pull the slander words these traders post and make sure other are aware of the scams they have pulled in the past. This is not my first rodeo here. As far as your words Mark, your correct on economy, I view this first hand. As far as market crashing, might wait a little longer. Elaine is president of Garzarelli Capital, Inc. She was a partner and managing director at Lehman Brothers prior to starting her own company in 1995. She has been studying the stock market for over 25 years and was ranked first team in Quantitative Research in Institutional Investor magazine’s All-Star poll for 11 years; she was also top ranked in Portfolio Strategy and Market Timing. A great friend and today 82% bull market and no hedge. Rem wango tango Rev Split folks.

      Been trading UVXY for over year, yes when price was in hundred. To date 456k since Jan, the people who know me in person have great trading exp and we all talk. So as I have have expressed, there are a few IDIOTs here with bogus ID's and haters of economy growth. Your in a blog room with nothing but greed. To turn a greedy selfish blog into a positive experience, you must clear out the trash IDIOTS, point blank.

      The one who used my name in vain, using airheadwm shall be visited by somebody handing over paperwork and we visit each other in court MI style. Was not born yesterday and the 250 bucks is chump change.

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