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  • nomoredns nomoredns Sep 6, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

    Bought a bunch of November VXX calls, 28 strike, between 29 and 31 cents today.

    Guaranteed double or more.

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    • In order to reach 0.60, VXX will have to rise about 5.00 relatively soon.
      The Oct 28.00 calls are bid 0.05 / ask 0.20. If VXX is still around this price a few weeks from now, your Nov calls will be almost worthless if forced to sell at the bid.

      Have you thought about doing call spreads? If you did the Nov 17/19 bull call spread for a debit of around 0.50, you could make a max profit of 300%. However,the best part of doing a spread would be if VXX does not rise and is at the same price a few weeks from now. You could then close out your spread for around the same purchase price. Thus, you would not have the major loss incurred by owning far OTM calls.

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      • joeydorknobinschmidtjunior Sep 7, 2013 12:10 PM Flag

        "Has he thought about..."?

        What part of any post he's done in as far as I can remember look to you like he's thinking at all?

        "Guaranteed double"? Really? He wants to guarantee it?

        He can "assure me"? Really?

        This is coming from the guy that two weeks ago was asking if uvxy would hit $50, then 3 days later he was guaranteeing that 'shorts' would be getting margin calls "for sure".

        The only thing this guy can give as a guarantee is more stupid posts in the future.

        Too bad these clowns don't eat their own cooking in public, because it would shut them up real quick.

        SIM Account Commando's (S.A.C. does this ring any bells with anyone?? lol because I am sure that's what it really stand for).

    • I can assure you the bid will pass 60 cents at a minimum before expiration.

51.78+0.93(+1.83%)Feb 10 4:00 PMEST