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  • mralfa mralfa Mar 7, 2014 10:01 PM Flag

    trust me if you trade you will lose money long or short!

    wall street stock market is is dilution you ting that you make money but is just dreamed trust i bin trade for 14 years lost almost one million dollar and never remember to pull money from the account, i finally not trade and i am on my fit again no more loss no mo depression and finally now i sleeping follow me i will save you just stay way from stock market!

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    • dont trade and you be OK more happy and more slipping and more personalty and more money in you pock, because when you trade you always mad! remember stop trade .

    • I'm not 100% what you're trying to say, since it's clear you have only the most rudimentary grasp of the English language.
      But you are making a very important point about the market here: it is very possible to lose everything, and quite a few do.
      Over long time periods most traders go bankrupt. Even the legendary traders who made millions usually went bankrupt many times and the only reason they were able to keep trading at all after going bust is because they had friends in high financial places to loan them money to get back on their feet. The average trader doesn't have that luxury and when he goes bust, that's the end.
      It sounds like that was your situation.
      Of course you'd never know any of this from reading Yahoo message boards, where each poster is trying to outboast the rest and claiming that thanks to their great trading skill they are soon going to "retire." A lot of these people are just playing "fantasy football," it's true, but the fact that they are anonymous and never have to show their faces to anyone allows them to keep "living the dream" and even acquire faithful followers.

    • just remember this! stop trade

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