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  • m5_research m5_research Sep 14, 2011 9:55 AM Flag

    McDep recommends DMLP as well as me.

    One of the oldest analyst in the Oil and Gas industry. McDep has a strong write up on DMLP.

    If you look at the second item on the web page down it is the write up.

    I don't particularly like to forward links in posts, but it is a worthwhile read to any investor in DMLP.


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    • Brad you are the moron. Messages boards (MS) are a free for all way to express your convictions. You read and you take the risk to make million or to be cleaned up. I read as much as possible on the O&G industry. MS is only one of the many input.
      MS are also inhabited by individuals that pump and dump. They emulate the like of some of MSNBC presenters that blatantly pump and dump. I watch Squatch box every morning but watch FNB the rest of the day. The like of Varnet and CO, do divulge their positions, not always on CNBC.
      If you invest in vacuum, you are to fell. To degrade a MS participant is to use your testosterone on the wrong people. LOL

    • Boy youre naive. First of all this guy is a joke and a hck for the oil industry. Second of all only a moron would listen to an analyst. They cover one sector so they are telling you what they think is good based only on the stocks they cover and they dont cover many. And if the sector is hot it can give the illusion that the analyst is spot on. Also, you think that is a guy has been analyzing oil stocks for a long time that makes him credible???? There are many guys who have been anlyzing oil stocks for very long times and they are clueless. Look at T Boone Pickens. He got his clock cleaned a couple of years ago. Finally, look what DMLP did after that "analyst" issued a "strong buy." It collapsed. STAY AWAY from analysts, esp. small time ones like this guy because they are usually involved in pump and dump schemes. Guy you should stay out of the stock market because you are truly clueless.

    • long-time favorite of mcdep. thanks for the additional info.

    • Thank you,


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