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  • tjt2307 tjt2307 Oct 21, 2004 9:07 PM Flag

    Herb Greenberg

    This guy (HG) has written a damning article about ALGN (see 4:53 link to CBS Marketwatch on Yahoo). Is he to be believed?

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    • tjt2307 said "This guy (HG) has written a damning article about ALGN (see 4:53 link to CBS Marketwatch on Yahoo). Is he to be believed?"
      No. Greenberg is the mouthpiece for Rocker Partners, an infamous SHORT investment company. A typical Greenberg bash article always quotes an unnamed short giving dubvious reasons why he is short. Dave Rocker lost his ass last year, down something like 70%, but is making a comeback thanks to Greenburg, offshore accounts, and many unethical, if not illegal, stategies. Go to to read more about Herbie.

    • Greenberg lack credibility and belong to Goerge Bush schoool of thoughts.Whatever he say shouldn't be taken with any grain of salt.
      This's an opportunity to load up on ALGN if you are smart investor.

    • Good question.

      I can see where he gets his #'s from and I don't necessarily think he's being overly pessimistic.

      I do not, however, agree with his view of ortho's and general dentists expanding product use. I think he's being very negative on the future growth potential of the product.

      I could see this dog dropping yet to about 7.00 per share.

      It's a young company/product. There are going to be bumps along the way. I'm holding for now though.

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      • Mr. Herb Greenberg, I have never seen a negative guy like him. Mr. Herb Greenberg
        has been very pessimistic about the company since two years ago. It means when the stock was traded about $1. Do you not think this is convincing? If you follow up with the company you will right away refuse his pessimistic report about the company. And please the company can not satisfy every one on the face of the earth even Mr.Herb Greenberg. Please read carefully and make sure you understand financials of the company before taking any bad decision.

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