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  • jpizon jpizon Jun 11, 2003 3:27 PM Flag

    here we go....

    yeah, good call moron. Don't quit your day job

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    • options trader is my day job. I bought puts at $.70 each. Next day, they were at $.90

      I will keep them till earnings. This is protection not income.

      I made money on stock, i made money on $22.5 calls and could have made money on puts as well. It's funny to read such insitful posts as last one.

      Just wondering who the moron here is and what is YOUR day job.

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      • "options trader is my day job"??? I haven't been reading this board very long, but I had to respond to that. First of all, your message shows you don't have the mindset of an options trader. Buying protective anything is not something done by an option trader. What are you protecting if you only own options? Holding for weeks into earnings is a sign of investing, not trading when it comes to options. There is no shame in hoping for the stock to go down so you can make a few bucks off the couple of puts you own, but don't don't try to be something you're not.

        This stock is riding 2 things: momentum and tech recovery. As long as we have both this stock will not be going down.


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