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  • phuc_yeww phuc_yeww Jun 27, 2003 9:29 PM Flag

    Now that's CORE EARNINGS!!! Part two!!!

    Now its Tommy's turn to ring to bell:


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    • hey f.u.

      good heads up on insider transactions

      please take time to read and understand what they are

      all of the ones you have posted are NOT option exercises!!!!!

      they are protective PUT options (please investigate and post)

      i won't argue about the insane wealth these retards have ... i'd do the same

      makes you wonder why they are protecting though???

      please post another dumb ass message

      i'm one your side but your too stupid to know it

      • 1 Reply to maroonbid
      • Wow, you're phucn brilliant.

        Do you really think I'm smart enough, and willing to take time enough, to search the SEC and not understand the implications of what I've posted???

        If you're on my side, it may be time to cover...

        Ka Ching!

        >>please post another dumb ass message<<

        Here you go:


        Jabil Circuit Director In Hedging Pact For 250,000 Shares


        WASHINGTON -- Jabil Circuit Inc. (JBL) director Thomas Samsone signed a forward sales contract for 250,000 shares, according to a Form 4 released Friday by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

        The contracts are a type of hedging agreement investors use to limit exposure to share price declines. Stockholders get an upfront cash payment (Ka Ching!) for stock based on an average share price. After a set period of time - three years in this case - the holders must settle in cash or deliver a number of shares equal to the value of the stock at the time of the cash payment.

        The filing didn't specify the per-share price for the transaction other than to say that the number of shares Samsone will have to deliver is based on a function of the closing price of Jabil Circuit common stock on June 26, 2006.

        Jabil Circuit designs, produces and assembles circuit boards and related components for electronic equipment and systems.

        Now it's your turn, go find something useful to share, or don't post here anymore.

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